Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Monday again and what a Monday it's been!

Today has been a long day. All I want to do is sit and make out Christmas cards. However, I also need to do a few other things. Maybe I will get to the cards tomorrow?

Last Friday I took Yamira to therapy after she finished school. We spent the rest of the day at home. We took out the decorations and put a few on the tree. However, there were so many other things to do in the house, we barely got any real decorating done.

Saturday we went to Sutton Chain of Lights very late. We only got to the Congregational Church to take a picture with the nutcracker that they have and then we went to Whittier Farms where we took a wagon ride. Before we knew it, everything was closed. We headed to Walmart and then home. It was brutally cold out. I did make a quick stop at a gift shop and bought my dear friend Meri a really pretty mug. The minute I opened the trunk at home, the mug fell out and crashed. I was so upset. Then I went to unwrap Bill's new ornament and that was broken. I was fit to be tied. Very upsetting when things like that happen as I am very careful.

On Sunday, we went to an adoption party for my first Casa child. He was adopted by his fabulous foster mom. I could not be happier for them. We had a wonderful time at the party. We did a little more decorating last night and cleaned the house in preparation for the busy week I have ahead of me.

Today I got up and took the girls to school. I then went to swim. After swim, I went to Michaels to have a kissing ball made by Lisa who has worked there for years. She is wonderful. The kissing ball came out fantastic. I then went to the post office and then home to shower. I had 15 minutes to do that and then I thought I had some time to relax, but instead we had to find Sophie in the rafters. She somehow got into one part of the attic. I was terrified. We finally got her out and then Ping and I jetted off to the dentist. We got home and withing 15 minutes, she had to go to Daisy. Bill brought her. I got the kids ready for bed and now I am here catching up. Not a very good catch up, but I am tired and still have stuff to do. Tonight I found another ornament broken. I am pretty upset about it, but there isn't anything I can do about it.

On top of all of this, my mom's cousin passed of cancer. Her second cousin passed of cancer and a friend of ours lost his mother. So sad for all of them.

Hope your week is starting well.

Mama Out!!!!!

Getting close to the tree.






Yamira and Daddy.

Broken mug.


They don't see me, I know they don't.


Yum, gingerbread.

Sweet Mason.


Mason and his foster brother Matthew.

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