Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where did this week go?

I have been so awful about catching up here. I don't mean to be so awful, but I have not been home all week. Bill has. Too bad he has no interest in blogging. I told Bill he was the house husband this week. Him being home has allowed me to come and go as I have needed to. It's been a blessing having him home this week.

On Tuesday, I went to Shayla's class to volunteer from 9:00 am till nearly 11:00 am. I had a great time. I helped the children make Menorahs out of Popsicle sticks, glue and glitter. The kids were really great. There was only one rotation of students that sort of sent me over the edge. I have 4 or 5 at a time. Then they would move on to the next station. There was one group of 5 that was really unruly, but the rest were fantastic. It was nice to get to know Shayla's classmates. Unfortunately, every singe one of them is sick with a nasty cold and I already had one, so I felt like it was just one big mishmash of germs! After volunteering at school, I came home and made out all of my Christmas cards. I am running short this year, so I just ordered some more!

I had a 1:00 pm appointment for CASA. I was supposed to meet a new judge with several other CASA workers at 1:00 pm in Fitchburg. Well I didn't realize that the courthouse I assumed I was going to was the wrong one. So I get to the courthouse in Leominster to realize I am in the wrong spot. So I drove a million miles down the street to the Fitchburg courthouse. I was 20 or so minutes late. How embarrassing and totally my fault for not paying better attention. Once I left there, I raced home to get Bill and the younger two so that we could pick up Ping and head to ice skating. When we got home, the kids ate and went to bed. Bill went to the fire department. What a long day!

On Wednesday, Bill took Yamira to school and I took Ping to an eye appointment. Ping failed one part of her eye appointment at her doctors back in August. However, we returned in September and she passed. Well in October, I got a letter from her school that she failed her vision test. So we were going to an official eye doctor to see what the scoop was. Well her muscles seem to work fine. That isn't an issue at all. Her vision isn't bad, but she is like 20/40 in one eye. The doctor jokingly said that Ping would need plastic surgery to get a bigger nose if she was going to wear glasses. It was funny. Bill and I always laugh at how she can't really wear sunglasses! Anyway, we decided to wait another six months to see how her eyesight is. So no glasses for now. I was going to take Ping to school, but we were there for so long, that I decided not to. So Ping and I went to Michaels to get a few things and then we did a few other errands. Bill took the girls in the afternoon to gymnastics and then when he got home, I headed out the door. I went to DCF to speak about how it has been having the two little ones in our family. I was asked to speak to the waiting families group. It went well. Sadly I drove home with a sore throat. I felt awful.

I got up on Thursday and felt pretty awful, but my throat had cleared up. I was thrilled about that. I was going to go swimming since I had missed a few days, but really needed the rest. I asked Bill to take the girls to school. I got up late and got ready to leave for my physical in Norwood. This was the first time my doctor and her office have seen me since losing so much weight. She was shocked. There were a few people in the office that said hello, but they didn't recognize me. It was funny. One person that has worked there for years said hello and then looked away puzzled. A few minutes later she motioned me to come over to the window. She then admitted she had no idea who I was. She was blown away. This has happened a few times this week. Feels good. So I had my full physical and then headed home. I wasn't home long before I headed back out to Lights of Love in Worcester. It's an hour long dedication for those who have lost loved ones. It's run by Hospice. I have been attending since my mom passed. I attend one every year in Norwood as well, but this year is the first time in 13 years that they did not have one. There have been a lot of changes and so the hour they dedicate to lighting a tree was let go. I was sad about that. I always go as a way to remember my Dad. I went to the one in Worcester alone. We figured that three kids in tow wouldn't be good for us or the rest of the people there.

On Friday, I went swimming after dropping off the girls at school. I ran a few errands after swimming and then I came home for a shower and to take Yamira to therapy. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a few things and then the family headed over to Pump It Up for Lucas' birthday party. The kids had a great time. I had a terrible sore throat again. So that ruined it for me, but it was nice to see the kids having a blast. Once home, we popped the kids into bed and then settled into watching some TV. I desperately wanted to clean the house, but was too tired from this whole week and I wasn't feeling great either.

Today was a great day. Bill and I both felt lousy, but we had a good day. We took the kids over to Anna Maria college for the DCF party. They had pizza and cookies and saw Santa. They got a book and a gift. The girls got Barbi dolls and Manny got a truck. They were thrilled. We then headed over to my friend Kirsten's house for a cookie party. We all had a blast. The kids made five cookies each. They decorated with frosting and used all sorts of toppings. We then played Bingo with M&Ms. The kids had the best time. It was so nice to see Kirsten, her husband Roger and their two beautiful girls. We are now home. The kids are having dinner and now they are off to have a bath. I have to go assist. I am then going to read them "Christopher Pop in Kins," which is about an Elf that watches them. Sort of like Elf On A Shelf. Then the kids are going to pass out as they are exhausted from the day.

Tomorrow we are supposed to meet the Daisy troop at Heifer in Rutland and then see our friends in the afternoon, but I am not sure if we will get there as they don't feel well, the husband lost his mom this week and we aren't at the top of our game either. I haven't had a voice since last night. Hard when you have no voice and three kids!

Special thoughts go out to those who have died this week. My mom's first cousin and second cousin. Our friend's mother. Also to the many friends who have lost loved ones this week. It's been an awful week of loss.

Off to the bath.

Mama Out!!!!!!!





Ping on the wheelie.

Manny getting out the wrong way.

Yamira at the end of the slide.

Manny having fun.

Joe and Ryan.

Joe and Ryan.

Ping in the police car.

The group.



Lucas and friend.

Lucas and friend.


DCF Santa.

Ping and Julia.

The girls.

Yamira twirling.

Yamira twirling more and more.

Ping at the cookie party.


The beautiful Kirsten.

Bingo with M&Ms.

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Heather Hale said...

Hi Jill! Sorry to hear you're still fighting, or fighting another cold! Hope you feel better soon. I hope to get to responding to e-mails soon. Then I'll write more.