Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where has this week gone as it's been fast?

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday. Yay for the end of the week.

Bill dropped off the girls at school on Tuesday. I slept in just a little longer because I had to be to the school for 10:00 am to help with the Holiday Fair. I volunteered there till 3:00 pm. I had a nice time. I met some really nice Mom's and the kids were great. I helped Yamira pick out gifts for me, Daddy, Manny and Ping. She happened to be there that day. So I was able to help her. I then helped the kids put their purchases in the bags for their family members. Would love to volunteer again. Right after I left there, I grabbed Ping and we went home for the rest of the family. We then headed off to ice skating. Bill, Ping and I were all sick with a cold this day, but I seemed to be the one that was better off.

On Wednesday I overslept. No clue how I did it as I was up all night long. I must have accidentally shut off my alarm. So I asked Bill to take the girls as I knew he would move faster than me! He took the girls and I slept the morning away. I didn't feel great and really needed the rest. When I got up I cleaned up a lot and made some important calls. Bill took the girls to gymnastics and then we had our financial guy stop by to do some paperwork. I missed a lunch date, but it was okay. I really wanted to go, but didn't want to subject people to my cold. I didn't think that would be very fair of me.

Today was a busy day for me. I dropped the girls off at school and went swimming. I then headed to Babies R Us, Target, Barnes & Noble, the post office and the bank. By the time I got home it was 2:00 pm. Bill got Ping from school for me. When she got home, I showed them the new coloring books with stickers that I got them. I bought all three of them some really plushy and pretty stockings that they were thrilled over and I bought them each a tree plus decorations for their rooms. So I gave them each a tree and with Daddy and my help, we assembled them all. They came out adorable and our now blinking in their rooms. Ping had the Holiday Fair today. She bought Daddy two presents, her brother and sister one and two friends a gift. I was really hurt she didn't have one for me. She says that one of Daddy's is mine, but I don't believe that to be true. I do believe that she thought she got me something, but she didn't. I was really teary over it. I can't help it. My hormones are way off for a few reasons! Plus I love her more than life itself, so it stung a little.

Now I really need to start addressing some Christmas cards! Hope you are having a good week like we are. Now if we could all kick the cold, we would be dandy!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Hi girls!




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Heather Hale said...

Breathe. Remember she's young and may have made a mistake, or been misled or rushed by her helper. Goodness knows. Or maybe she really thinks you want that hammer. ;) Not saying I wouldn't struggle with sad feelings myself, just telling you what I know objectively.