Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a day, but I will get to that in a minute

First of all, yesterday was a great day. I took Yamira and Ping to a play date at Bridget's house so that the girls could play with Emma and Sophie. Sophie is Yamira's friend at school and they have been dying to play together outside of school. So yesterday we went over and the girls had so much fun. They even had a little tea party after they got all dolled up. We could have stayed for the entire afternoon, but we had plans with Mindy, Joe, Connor and Ciara at 4:30. After a quick ride home to get Manny and Bill, we headed on down to Holliston to Fatima. There are Christmas lights all over the property, so we went to walk around and enjoy them. We then went back to Mindy and Joe's to eat. I ordered a salad. The others got subs and the kids had pizza. We really had a fantastic day!

Today didn't start out so hot. Ping and Yamira carved pictures into Bill's bedroom night stand. They gouged it. It needs to now be repaired. I was horrified. Ping is no angel, but she never does anything like that. Both of us were shocked that she did it. Needless to say, the two girls earned themselves a day in their rooms. They came down for lunch and at 5:30 pm, I let them come down for dinner and a little TV watching. Ping was absolutely devastated that we had to punish her. Both Bill and I ended up in tears. It hurt us to punish her because we hardly ever have to and she took it so hard. She cried all day long. Yamira didn't seem to much care. That was bothersome too. Ping did at least apologize over and over again and said she was heartbroken that she did that to our furniture. They know better than to do something like that. Wish I knew what possessed them to do it!

While the girls sat in their rooms, Manny played at his train table. Bill and I cleaned and organized for hours upon hours. Not the most fun way to spend the day, but totally needed to be done. Cleaned out my Mom's closet and neatened things. Cleaned out the toy closet and neatened it all and threw a bunch of things away. Also cleaned the playroom a little. It's still chock full of stuff, but it's looking a lot better. All in all not the best day, but it's just a day.

Mama Out!!!!!

Sophie, Ping, Yamira and Emma in blue. Sam is looking on.

Beautiful, no?

Princess glasses.



Fatima with Ciara.





Ping at the microphone.

Sophie under the tree.

Silly Sasha.

Hot cocoa.

Our tree.

Vera Bradley.

Sophie under the tree. Look at the tongue.



Kim said...

Holy Moly, Jill! The nightstand is destroyed! Did you ask Shayla WHY she did this (without Yamira present)? When Sheridan makes poor choices, we stress that he must be a leader, not a follower (if Yamira was the leader in this little debacle). Doling out punishment to the littles is difficult, but remember that you are shaping them for a wonderful future, not just for the immediate present.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Heather Hale said...

I have a pretty vivid memory of being 3 or 4 years old, at my grandmother's house, and coloring on her ironing board. I knew it was wrong, but felt compelled to do it anyway. I felt badly when she confronted me, but "the devil made me do it." When you're that young, sometimes common sense or whatever just doesn't rule. And it's just a piece of furniture, just an object. It will make for a great story to tease them with in a few years. :)

Happy New Year!


Jill said...

Kim, I was devastated. I did ask them both together and separate and neither could give me an answer. So frustrating. It's not like they don't know any better. It was mostly Ping looking pictures, so I don't think I can even hang this one on Yamira. However, if Yamira wasn't with us, it may never have happened. Who is to know. We too tell Ping to lead.

I am not laughing yet Heather. Maybe in the future. Just so disappointed in them both. You would think they didn't have enough surfaces to write on in this house!!!!!