Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Monday down

Mondays only stink when you work full time or if your kids are in school, don't you think? During the summer, Mondays don't bother me as much. Well I should also clarify that because Bill is currently unemployed, Mondays aren't as bad as they used to be. Mind you, he has worked many a Monday at the station, but we are grateful for that. I wish there was a way we could legally lengthen the summer. New England is gorgeous. I love the four seasons, although I do feel like we really don't have a spring anymore. I do feel like we get really "screwed" though because we live here in New England. We get three or so months to cram everything in. The weather is good, so do we run to the park or do we plant our garden or do we throw mulch out at the beds? There are so few weekend. Meanwhile, those that are in Texas are hotter than hell during these three months, so they can totally enjoy the fun stuff and yet they still have a bunch of months were the weather is gorgeous. So their landscaping is done and they are enjoying their summer. I know they don't get the gorgeous foliage we do. However, they don't get the damn leaves all over the yard either. Let's face it, we can leave them out there, but then our lawns look hideous. At least in my eyes it looks that way. Again, do you apple pick during a crisp fall day or do you rake the damn leaves? Okay, enough whining. I just hate that summer is so darn short. However, I don't see myself ever moving, so I might as well get a grip and get over it.

The last two days have been pretty great. Yesterday we were invited to Kirsten and Roger's house for a fun BBQ. It was us and all the kids. The kids played beautifully together. Their oldest daughter so dotes on Yamira and Yamira loves it. Mind you, they really all give the kids extra loving and of course our three lap it up like a cat with milk. We had a fabulous time. The food was fantastic. Both of them are good cooks. Not bad people to have around, right? Roger made ribs and chicken and it was delightful. Stupid me didn't think to bring tinfoil and steal some extra chicken. Damn, why wasn't I thinking? Anyway, we had to literally drag ourselves away so we could get the kids to bed. Only about three hours past their bedtime, but who noticed?

Today Bill got up early for an interview. A waste of time interview. I told him it would be. He thought I was being a Debby Downer, but I could tell by the conversation that the entire resume wasn't looked at before the call was made and the guy didn't know how to get out of it, so he asked Bill to come in so he could at least meet him. Really? Like we need to be met? Well anyway, Bill went. I got the three ready and ran Ping to soccer camp. As I was about to pull out of the driveway, Bill came home. I tossed the two little ones at Daddy and ask him if I was right. I knew I was right. He was home way too early to even call it an interview! I was right. Oh well. I would have loved to be wrong in this case. Anyway, Ping and I headed off to hot soccer camp and then I ran to do a few errands and dropped back at home to make a few calls before my doctors appointment. I left shortly after 10 to get to my 10:30 am appointment. It went well. My GI doctor has not seen me since 2009. She made me stand up the minute she came in the room. She gasped and said "You are just beautiful." Thought that was sweet. We talked about my iron issues. She doesn't think there is a true issue, but will follow me more closely. I go back for labs in August. While waiting on her in her waiting room, I got a call from my new Endo doctors office and was told that my test on Friday all came out good and clear. Thank goodness for that. I still have what I have been diagnosed with and have more tests to go, but this was a big important test and I did well. Phew! So I sort of bounced out of the office with a little pep in my step. I then proceeded to do a few errands. I went to the Paper Store, iParty, Lowes, Savers to drop some stuff off, Price Chopper and UPS. It was after 2 when I got home. The two youngest were sleeping and Ping was just hanging. She had a great time at soccer camp, but was tired. I would be if I was in 92 degree weather for 3 hours!!!!

Once home, I had a bunch of business calls to make and so I got on them right away. It's always easier to do when the younger two are asleep. After I made all of my calls, I proceeded to clean the bathroom, the pantry, the dining room, the living room and the kitchen. I did a few miscellaneous things as well. Bill and Ping headed over to get Uncle Joe and Lucas and the four of them headed to the Tornadoes game. Bill won tickets a few weeks ago. Sadly he had to leave early because nobody was willing to cover him for less than 2 hours. Nice, eh? He covers everyone though. I felt bad, but he was okay with it. Of course there wasn't a call. While he was off at the game, I put the younger two to bed and put a few things away and sat down to watch one of my new favorite shows. I have yet to watch this TV on the TV! Bill surprised me when he drove in the driveway as I didn't know he was going to leave early. He said they were in the 7th inning and both Ping has camp as does Lucas, so it made sense to leave early.

Took forever to get Ping to bed. She was tired, but was also spinning around doing this and that. Daddy did finally get her to bed. He came downstairs, plopped his buns down and passed out. Meanwhile, I was going to try to catch up on some TV shows, but that never happened. So I have caught up with Facebook, two other sites and all my emails. Now my blog is even up to date. Go me. Now who wants to get me up in the am so we can take Ping to camp and do a million errands before having a little fun in the afternoon? Hell, 7:30 am comes way too early for me. I could sleep in a little, but rather just get up and go.

Well I better hit the hay. I need to wake up the boss. Ahem.

Have a fabulous week and stay cool.

Mama Out!!!!!

Twister and the kids.

Racing Twister.

Just some couple that happened to be there.

Beautiful people inside and out.

Too much fun.

Rocking the shades.

Manny having fun.

Me and Kirsten.


Best of friends.

Grill master.

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