Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Go to bed or get this place updated?

Clearly you can see which choice I made. I promised myself I would go to bed on time as I am taking the kids to the zoo, but here I sit. I will try to make this quick so at least I will be in bed by 1:00 am?

I left off on Friday and now I am trying to remember what we did from Saturday on. Saturday we didn't have any set plans. We worked around the house organizing and cleaning. I did run to JC Penney as they were having a killer sale. Unfortunately, I need to return a good portion of what I bought. Boo. Oh well. Other than hitting up one or two places including JC Penney, it was a subdued day. I did get some cleaning done in the new bathroom. I promised to finish the rest of it on Sunday and yet here we are at Wednesday and I never got back to it. Not out of laziness, just being kept busy by other things.

On Sunday, we stayed home as well. The kids did a bunch of different crafts. They seemed to enjoy spending the day that way. The three of them all made a cute craft for Miss Wendy, their Sunday School teacher. She had emergency surgery on her appendix, so we wanted to make something for her to brighten her day. I also read a lot of books to the kids from the library. I am trying to double up on the books so that for 1 or 2 weeks, I won't feel bad when we can't get to the library because too much is going on. The kids are loving the books and I have to say that I am as well. I am glad I am participating in the library reading program for the summer. I recently fell in love with the book "The Wishing Tree." So cute. Anyway, I think I read about eight books through out the day. We got the kids in bed at a good idea and then I went about doing a few things. Around 1:00 am a fire call came in. Recovery of a dead body. Bill headed off to the call. Ping ended up waking up and coming downstairs. Then she wouldn't fall asleep down here. She wanted to wait for Daddy. I told her no way. We went to bed. She had a hard time sleeping. About the time we feel asleep, Daddy came home and we both woke up. So a bad nights rest, that is for sure!

On Monday, I was going to take Ping to skating lessons, but I got a call that they were cancelled. Ping was disappointed. I was as well, but I was so tired, it was okay. We were all a little tired. We laid low today. The kids did more crafts, I did some stuff on the computer and Bill ran out to do a few errands. Not an exciting day, but we couldn't seem to get any pep in our steps, so just as well.

On Tuesday, I had an appointment, but it was cancelled. Bill took Yamira to her OT appointment and then came home to grab the rest of us for an appointment for Jezebel. I went into the appointment and took Ping. Bill took Yamira and Manny to Lowes and Target while I was inside with Jeze and Sasha who was there to have her backside looked at. The appointment went fine. Bill came and got us and we ran to do a few more errands and then to the library to pick more books out. I took Ping in as she is easy. She picked out some prizes she would like to win and then we all headed home. The younger ones napped while Ping did a few projects. At 6:30 pm, we hopped in the car and headed to Build A Bear to meet Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe, Lucas and Ryan. Yamira and Manny had gift certificates that they got at their adoption party, so we wanted to bring them over there to make their animals. We then stopped at a place to let the kids run around before heading home. We did not get home till after 10:00 pm. Needless to say, they all went to bed way too late. We had a nice time though.

Today they all slept in a little. Not a lot, but a little. While Bill fed them breakfast, I took a shower and then greeted my appointment at 10:00 am. Shortly after the gentleman left, I took the kids and headed to a place called One Stop Fun. It's a place that has everything, but we were there to use the inside gym which has all these cool tunnels and slides. My friend Bridget met us there with Emma and Sophie. The kids had a blast. I had to drag them out of there finally at 4:30 pm. We came home, Bill fed the kids dinner and then he headed off to the station, while I gave Yamira and Manny a bath and Ping a shower. I then read them three books and tucked them into bed. Since then I have been working on a large Shutterfly order. It's finally done. So pictures are uploaded and blog is updated. Now I must get to bed. Going to post a few photos first. Will share something funny before I get off. Ping yesterday said to Daddy "Come on big hairy fire department Daddy, time to get up and feed us. " So cute. She really is noticing when he has to go to the department and when he doesn't. If he goes once a short shift is over, she asks him why he is heading back out the door. It's hard to get that things aren't scheduled when it comes to the life of a fire fighter!

Have a great rest of the week!

Mama Out!!!!

Neesha kissing the baby.

Puffing up his doggy.

Puffing up her colorful bear.

Warming their hearts.

Washing their new buddies.

Ball pit.

Ping in the ball pit.

Climbing fun.

Ball pit for Manny.

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