Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update or go to bed? I guess I will update!!!

It's quiet as it's 1:20 am. I should go to bed so I can get up early and get a few things done, but I really want to get this blog updated. It hangs over my head and is quite frustrating when I know some time has passed. I have to say that there really isn't much to share right now as we have been staying home and working around the house. I am determined to get this damn house cleaned and organized. I know I should wait till the Fall, but I don't want to do it then, I want to do it now!

On Friday the 1st, I was heading out for a pedicure when I last updated here. Had a great time. Bridget, Ashly and Rebecca and I all got a pedicure at the same time and then we headed to O'Connors for a bite to eat. We were not out till all hours of the morning like we could have been. We did close the place though. It was nice to be out and able to catch up on the latest and greatest.

On Saturday, we got up and organized and cleaned all day long. It was a very boring day for the kids. I felt terrible about that. There are so many things I want to do with them this summer, but I have to get the house back in order. It's a necessity. I started by ripping everything out of the playroom and having Bill put everything upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms. We desperately need the playroom for the kids. I was so glad when we got that done. The only thing in the playroom now is toys and some cabinets in the corner that need hanging. I have ordered a rug for the playroom and now I have to get some paint. We will then try to get a couch in there and get a TV hung on the wall for them. The kids are happy to have a place to hang now. Mind you they still follow me all over the house. So that was basically an all day long project.

On Sunday, we tackled some other areas of the house. Bill tackled the garage at one point. We still have another garage to tackle. I am waiting on two couches to be moved out of the the other garage. They will be gone tomorrow. I can't wait. Anyway, we did a lot of organizing, throwing, donating and putting stuff up on Freecycle. Another boring day for the kids and for us, but what can you do? We can not be out 24/7 having fun or we would live in a complete shit hole. I know that may not sound pleasant, but it's the truth.

Monday was the fourth of July. The five of us headed over to Ashly's to have a cook out. We had a wonderful time. The kids played in the pool and we all just sat around chatting. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I felt guilty because I wasn't home getting things done or if something else was going on, but I seemed to have a lot of anxiety. What is up with that? Very frustrating. Regardless, it was really nice to get out of the house and away from the dust.

Tuesday started off with Enchanted Fireside coming to the house and adjusting our flame on our new fireplace. It looks so much better now and the guy was a peach. Right after he left, I left the house to do errands alone. Went to Walmart, the bank, the post office and the library. I returned the books the kids read and I picked out a whole pile of new books for them. They are currently participating in the summer reading program at the library. They are having a great time doing it too and it's so good for Ping to read us the small books she is practicing with. The rest of the day was spent putting things in the right cabinets, putting together all the trash, a little more Freecycling and such. Bill was on 6-10, we we were home for the evening.

On Wednesday, I had plans to take the kids to Lowell for a free concert, but we never got there. Too much to do around here and since I was feeling in the mood to do it, I stayed with that feeling. We cleaned out the basement. That is one of the crappiest jobs. The spider webs and dirt and dust down there is horrendous and I am allergic to all that dust. However, the basement looks superb!

On Thursday I got a call that a friend's husband had a heart attack. It was disturbing. Of course I was concerned about the husband, but to make things worse, this friend and I are no longer friends. The last thing I expected was this. She didn't call to tell me. She had her friend call and tell me. I tried to find out what they wanted from me, but they never got on the phone to tell me. I was later told that the attack was minor and he will be fine. I am happy to hear it. I think it's truly telling that this so call friend of thirty years didn't bother to call me herself. Granted there was a lot going on and I didn't expect a phone call at the time, but she could have reached out after, even if it was just to say that she was happy to hear I would be on the other end if they ever should need me. I never learn my lesson. I am expecting more from this person than she is able to give. I know if anyone reads this blog, you may be concerned that I am putting this all out there. I am not. Just know that I am absolutely not concerned at all about putting this out there. This blog is a chronicle of my life and the life of my family. I know some may feel I share too much. However, I share what I feel comfortable sharing and given our relationship at this point, it does not much matter what is said. Anyway, the day left me reeling. Just very upsetting. However, I have a few people that helped me keep my head on straight and I am so grateful. I still say that I am one of the luckiest people around. I have some very awesome and near and dear friends. So thank you to those that are always there for me. You know who you are. At 1:00 pm I took Yamira to OT therapy. She had a great time. She loves it there. After watching what the therapist does with her, I can see why. Wish they would do what they do with her with me! We then headed home and stayed in the rest of the day. Like I have said during this entire blog, I did more organizing. Boring, I know. You don't have to tell me.

Friday was a long day. I had a 9:00 am medical test. It went fine. I am anxious to hear the results. It wasn't a hard test, but it was a very long test. I got a break for two hours in between scans, so I met my friend Audra for lunch. It was so great to see her. We don't often get a chance to just sit and chat. A one hour lunch was not nearly what we needed though. We could have sat for hours. At least I could of. However, I had to get back to the hospital. I was there for another two hours or so. I then headed off to the library to switch out books again and then headed home. I felt bad that I was gone all day long and left Bill with the kids. Why did I feel bad? I don't know. I have asked myself that same question many times. I often have them all day long and I am out with them all day. Bill just has to make sure they are fed and alive. Not a bad thing at all. We were home for the rest of the night. I actually forced myself to sit and watch a movie. It started off awful, but then got really good. So I was happy that I watched it.

Today the sun was shining and it was absolutely gorgeous out. Ping was invited to a birthday party in town, so while I took her and hung out at the party, Daddy put the kids to bed after lunch and did a few things around the house. Well that is the story he gave me anyway. Actually, he changed out a few windows on his own. I was glad to hear it, but have yet to look at them. I spent the rest of the night trying to organize the pantry. Bill should absolutely not be allowed to be anywhere near my home! He has this with that and that with this. All this and all that should be together. Right? Sure Jill. He just laughs at me! Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I am such a nut. However, I am an organized nut. Bill just puts anything with anything. I told him I was going to lock the damn door. Unfortunately, the key to that door is the same throughout the house. Hmmm, must speak tot he contractor about that mistake. I wanted a lock where you actually had a keypad. Not a bad idea, right?

When I got up this morning, I weighed myself. I have finally met my goal. In fact, I am two pounds over my goal. I was happy, but I wish I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, there is too much going on with me right now to be really overjoyed. I felt like the moment was overshadowed. I hope I don't always feel like that. I should just be pleased. For some awful reason, I was in a horrendous mood this afternoon. Don't ask me why as I have no flipping clue. I was very short tempered. I hate when that happens. I was also really anxious. Again, I have no idea why. However, once I started organizing and cleaning, I became pretty happy. I think it's because it hangs over my head what I still have to do if I don't do it. Regardless, the night turned around. I read all the kids a few books and sent them off to bed after they had Daddy's yummy cooking. I on the other hand have had stomach issues for a few days, so I haven't been eating well. This happens occasionally. Not a big deal, but frustrating for sure. It's even worse because I am out of Mylanta and desperately needs some. It's still not on the market. So frustrating.

Well after a few more hours of cleaning, I decided to sit down and watch a movie. It just ended and I came here to blog. Now Bill just was dispatched for a call. Lucky him. I should go to bed, but I am still awake and I hate to miss all of this silence. It's golden. Tomorrow or rather today, we have plans to attend a cook out with our good friends Roger and Kirsten and their beautiful girls. Looking forward to it. I won't if I never get my butt to bed though!!!

Off to upload some pictures.

Happy upcoming week my friends!

Mama Out!!!!!

Bad kitty. Juniper is trying to get Mommy's printing.

Anita and Juniper.

Anita and the three chickens.

Playroom is open, but not ready really. A soft opening.

Really Sophie? That is from Build A Bear.

Drowned rat.

Mommy, leave my ears alone.

Go Ping.


Jumping bean.

Gorgeous and no, I am not at all biased.

Beautiful and no, I am not biased here either.

This just makes me cry.

Beyond sweet.


Hot tubbing it.

My fish.


Mom, I swear I didn't do it.


Heather H. said...

I LOVE the pictures of the sisters together. Very sweet.

I'm curious: Why is Mylanta off the market? I hadn't heard about that.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Jill said...

Mylanta has a little alcohol in it supposedly. Well they need to have the label reflect that and it doesn't. Not sure why they are taking so long. Clearly they are losing money. I keep meaning to write you an email. Think of you often. If you get a second, shoot me a "hello" email and I will respond. :)