Friday, March 19, 2010

So glad it's Friday

This week has been really boring for the most part. I am not complaining. We haven't had any set plans for anything on any day with the exception of Thursday.

On Monday, Ping and I were both so exhausted, we never got to school. Just as well, there as a Professional Teacher Day that I wasn't aware of so school was closed. How I didn't know that is beyond me. I felt really guilty about not taking Ping to school, but I didn't need to be. Love how that worked out. Ping slept till 10:00 am and she never sleeps that long, so she was really tired. I ended up sleeping till 1:30 pm and that is unusual for me. Clearly we were beat! It didn't help that it poured all day long and so it was dark and gray out.

Tuesday and Wednesday Ping had school, but then we spent the rest of each day here. Not that there wasn't a lot to do, but I was really tired and having been so sick lately, I just wanted to stay home!

Yesterday was a busy day. It ended up being a great day though. I had a 9:45 am stress test, a 4:00 pm Echo of my heart and then a 7:00 pm cat scan of my lung. I got to the hospital and they were an hour late taking me in for my stress test. They were going to give me a drug to make my heart work, but because I had a few sips of ice tea, they had me walk on the treadmill instead. I was thrilled. I didn't want a drug to make my heart speed up. That isn't natural. Exercise is what makes your heart beat!!!!!! I did great on the treadmill. I then laid down on my back for 25 minutes while pictures were taken of my heart. After I left there, I went to the cat scan area and they fit me in for my cat scan on my lung immediately. I was thrilled that they were so accommodating. After I left there, I went to where I had to have my Echo and asked if they had a cancellation and could fit me in. They took me immediately. So I didn't have to go at 4:00 pm. I was so happy. I had lunch and then at 1:30 pm I went back to the stress test area to finish the stress test. You have to have pictures taken 3 hours or so after the other ones are taken. So another 25 minutes of having the camera take photos and I was good to go. I ran into the cardiologist that monitored me during my treadmill walk and he told me if I waited 20 minutes or so, he and the Chief cardiologist would look at my results and give them to me. I didn't care if I had to wait all day. I just wanted my results. 20-30 minutes later the chief cardiologist came into the waiting room with a thumbs up sign. Yes!!!!!!! I asked why I had two bad EKGs then. He said that it sometimes happens with woman. Works for me!!!!!!! So off I went. I was home by 4:00 pm.

Today I took Ping to school and then we spent the afternoon here. I wanted to be by the phone because I was waiting on the Echo results. I got the call and it was fine. So no heart issues!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! The cat scan on my lung results were not going to be read for a few days, but they were already read and so the doctor's office told me the results. I was so happy to get them so quickly. I have the same issue as I had before. It's just a benign nodule. All in all, I would say this was a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!

I took Ping to her dancing class and then for a small chocolate shake at McDonalds. The rest of the night was spent at home. I watched a movie that basically stunk, but that is okay. All I care about is being healthy and it looks like I am.

Well off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

The singing chef.

Ping in Daddy's clothes. Silly girl.

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