Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Rain

What a day. It's pouring out there. I drove Ping to school and in an hour I have to go and get her. Can't she put a piece of newspaper over her head and walk home? It's only a mile and god knows our parents walked uphill both ways in the snow. So this should be easy!

So I updated the blog on Saturday night, but I ran out of picture space. Who knew? So I had to purchase more space in order to keep posting my photos. It was cheap, but I had to delay the posting till today. Now the post is ready and I am adding this new one to the mix.

Sunday we took Ping to Heberts Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury where we met Meri, Joe, Lucas and Ryan. We stood in line for pictures with the Easter Bunny. The pictures came out pretty decent. Poor Ping had an accident in the bathroom. She somehow ended up soaking her underwear and stockings, so I got called in to help. Bill was originally with her. I got wipes from Meri and Meri got me a plastic bag, so once Ping was stripped, all was well. The poor girl though. She had to go commando to lunch. Once we finished a little big of Easter shopping, we headed off to our lunch. We then had to take Ping to an Easter party at church. We did run by the house for underwear first. We were there for an hour and a half and then headed home. The rest of the night was spent at home. We were all exhausted from the weekend.

Yesterday was a terribly rainy day. For some reason, I was really tired. So after doing a bunch of stuff in the am and the early afternoon, I actually sat in my favorite chair and napped for a little while. Once Bill got home, we headed to the store with an annoyed Ping. She wanted to bring her umbrella, but we said no. It wasn't worth it since Daddy was going to drop us off at the door! So she screamed and cried all the way there. We told her to stop her attitude. Once at the store, she slipped her hand in mine and said "Mommy, I have stopped my attitude, can I help you pick out your cards." I asked her why she stopped her attitude all of a sudden. She said "Mommy, you said to stop the attitude, so I did." Works for me!!!!! We got home late from the store, so Ping got into bed a little later than I wanted. It happens. The rest of the night was spent watching TV.

Ping has said a few funny things over the last few days. I am sure they are only funny to me because I am mom. Yesterday she told me she thinks I should be shorter so that I can scratch her itchy butt. She has dry skin all the time and no matter how much lotion you put, she still gets itchy! So she said if I itched her butt, she would get wiggly and giggle. I have no idea where that came from! On Sunday morning, Bill and Ping were playing with her stuffed animals. She handed Daddy her dolphin. It has a noise maker in it. Bill kept annoyingly pressing it. Bill was in the middle of doing something and she was concentrating hard on that project. All of a sudden Ping says "If I hear that noise one more time, I am going to kick your butts ass!" Bill looks at me and says, "Clearly that is coming from you." Me? Nah. It was hysterical. Sometimes we just crack up laughing at her. The things she comes up with.

Anyway, I am off to post a few photos. Hope you are surviving this weather.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Candy makers.

Cute cart of carrots.

Ping and the Easter Bunny.

So sweet.

Lucas and Ryan.

Ryan at one point touched the nose on the bunny. Too cute. He was fascinated.

Uncle Joe squeezing the kids.

Tickle, tickle.

Ping with a basket on her head at church.

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