Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well I have finally caught up

I have been having terrible issues with Charter, so posting pictures took a few days. Now all of my photos from our trip have been posted.

This weekend has been horrible as far as weather goes. I haven't left the house at all. Bill has gone out to do errands and a few fire calls, but not me. I haven't budged. I have spent my time catching the blog up on the latest and greatest happenings. I have also cleaned the house some and done some paperwork. I am in good shape. When we got back on from our vacation, I was way too sick to do much of anything.

Today I watched several versions of "The Cutting Edge." I didn't realize there were so many versions. I don't usually sit during the day and watch TV, especially on the weekends because there is so much to do, but I did today. Mind you I was up at every commercial doing something!

Anyway, here are a few photos of my crazy girl from this weekend. I am then going to hit the hay and hope I have sweet dreams. I had the best dream last night. Bill and I got remarried. I bought the most gorgeous soft pink gown. I was very thin in the gown. Sadly, I bought the gown the night before the wedding, so I left myself zero time to get a hair appointment and I didn't know what to wear in my hair. Tiara? Veil? Pink or white? Bill was in the middle of buying me a boat as a wedding gift. I was trying to stop him, but he kept insisting. I thought a boat was way too expensive. He didn't. I kept dreaming of having new rings. They were beautiful. Then I find out I am pregnant. Where the hell did that come from? This is all the night before the renewal. Bill was thrilled. Decided not to purchase the boat because it wasn't going to be good for me to be in a boat at this time. You know I am really delicate and all. Ha! Where do I come up with this stuff? I guess I just needed to stop the boat purchase. I woke up before I got to the bottom of my head piece. Can I continue my dream tonight please?

Mama Out!!!!!

Crazy child with Pinky, dragon and Precious all tucked in for TV watching.

Shirt hanging around waist as a skirt. Apron on an oven mitts on feet. Rocking Rico the penguin.

Crazy lady.

If Daddy won't come to bed, I will join him. I don't have to be comfortable at all.

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