Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a cruddy day it is outside today!

It's pouring out today. Makes a person really appreciate the good days we have around here. The weekend was gorgeous and fun.

On Saturday, our friend Marjorie and her daughter Diana met us at our house and then we went to the Dumplings for 1:00 pm. We learned how to sing Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Edelweiss in Chinese. It wasn't easy. Mind you, all the girls were looking out the window or eating snacks. It was the Caucasian parents that were learning the words. Oh well, when the girls are older, they will pay better attention, I am sure. We then took a walk up to the quad so that the girls could play Chinese Jump Rope with the students. They had a blast.

After the Dumplings, Marjorie, Diana, Lisa with her husband and three beautiful girls plus us went to lunch at the Boynton. After a quick errand to Bed, Bath and Beyond, we headed home. I fell asleep for a little while when Ping and Daddy went for a walk. I woke up and watched a Hallmark movie before turning in for the night!

I slept in on Sunday. Way too long. Felt like I was in a coma when I finally got up. Ping went to Sunday school in the morning, so the house was quiet. Bill woke me up and told me we were all going to church, but I was too tired to go. I got a few things done in the afternoon and Bill and Ping took another walk. Then our fabulous neighbor Heidi came over and grabbed Ping for a walk. Ping loves taking a walk with Heidi. Bill was out grocery shopping, so the house was nice and quiet for a short time. I spent three hours making bracelets at night. I had a bunch to do for gifts for our friends.

Yesterday we stayed home after Ping had school. I had a bunch of things to do. I had to make several calls. I was on the phone for hours. I had a lot of things to do here. I finally sat down to do something mindless at 9:00 pm. I watched TV at that point. My brain had really had enough for the day. I was thrilled with the amount of stuff I accomplished, but was upset about a call I received in the afternoon. I sent a letter awhile ago to Dr. Bruce Croft in Holden, MA regarding some Orthotics he made me purchase. I told him over and over that I didn't want them. They told me they wouldn't continue to treat me unless I bought them though. So I caved. I felt like I had no place to turn. I should have listened to my gut which has pretty much never steered me wrong!!!!! They ended up being horrendously uncomfortable. They could never be worn, no matter how much I tried to gently break them in. So I wrote the doctor a letter telling him that I have complained numerous times to his office and was not getting any answers. I felt that something needed to be done. They ignored the first letter, so I thought I would send it again recently. Yesterday I get a call from his wife, who is not a professional, she just works there. He really should have a nurse, but he doesn't. Anyway, she tells me that I never had my last appointment with him back on December 22, 2008. I tell her that I can't remember back that far and that I was not sure why the appointment was canceled. Regardless though, I had some cushioning put on the orthotics and I was told to drop them off and pick them up. Had the doctor wanted to see me, why would he allow me to pick these up without insisting on seeing me? She could not answer that question. She also couldn't give me the dates of when I dropped off the orthotics and picked it up. All she could concentrate on is that for some reason, I never made the last appointment and so they are saying I never finished my treatment. That is absolutely absurd!!!!!!! I saw this doctor for 1 1/2 years. I saw him almost weekly for stretches at a time. I had shots in my heels. I had little heel pads put in my sneakers. I went to physical therapy when I was told to. I did everything he asked and attended every single appointment and now she wants to tell me that I am to blame because I didn't attend one appointment? Personally, I believe strongly that this was what she was going to "hold" over me so that she and her husband did not need to help me. What is very unfair about it is that I have complained ever since I got these horrible foot killers!!!!!! I did go to see him twice for adjustments. I finally gave up and called the office and asked them to call the lab to see what could be done. I was told by the receptionist to give them one more try and that was to add cushioning to them. So I did. I was told to drop them off and that they would call me when they were ready. I did pick them up and they were still horrendously uncomfortable. Why there isn't any recourse is beyond me. It's unfair. I never wanted the dang things anyway. The only thing that cured my foot issues was swimming!!!!!

So I sat for up to two hours in his office waiting for a 5 minute appointment several times. I paid my co-pay, my insurance paid for the services, I did everything I was supposed to do and this is how I am treated? I would never suggest this doctor or this office to anyone. They have a reputation around town and especially with the elderly that they make you go for appointments over and over just for the insurance money. I don't know if it's true or not, but I can say that I have never in my life sat waiting for a doctor as long or as many times as I did for him. It was nearly criminal. I should have moved on to another doctor who cared a little bit more about my time, but I stuck it out. I don't know if it's because I didn't think I deserved better or if it was because it was convenient. I do know that I didn't deserve the treatment I received from his wife yesterday. She was very unprofessional, she wouldn't answer any questions, she just kept harping on an appointment that wasn't attended over a year ago. I probably canceled because I didn't have the time to sit there for at least an hour as it was close to Christmas. Maybe it was because Ping or I were ill. I have no idea. Then again, did I have an appointment? She kept saying it was in my chart. Since she is the chart holder, she can cover own butt, no? She did tell me that she called the lab and they won't help me because the item is over two years old. That is so unfair. It has not been two years. I got them in October of 08. I have complained about them since the get go and yet because the office didn't do it's job, the lab is just finding out about this issue????? Of course they don't want to help me out. Why would they? So $350 out the window. I hope the doctor and his wife can sleep at night. I am sure they are sleeping well, they are taking people's money and trust and running with it. Very irresponsible and unprofessional!

Well on to bigger and better things. Today I am staying home. I have more calls to make and it's pouring out. Who willingly goes out? I did do a few errands, but I am home for the rest of the day.

Hope all is well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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