Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the grind!

That isn't a bad thing. I was grateful that the girls had school today. It's good for them to have a schedule. A routine works best for Yamira. Too much free time and she ends up spinning around like a top.

All in all, we had a great vacation. We were busy nearly every day. We had Thursday off and worked around the house, but the rest of the time it was play date after play date. Those are always fun.

On Friday, we went to Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe's. We had Chinese food and played some games. The kids stayed in the other room for the most part and played with the Wii and also watched some movies. We thought the kids would pass out, but they didn't. We ended up dragging them home around 11:00 pm. Way, way too late for them.

On Saturday which was New Years day, we got up and headed to Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad's homestead for a delayed Christmas party. We had a lot of fun. They were nice enough to clean their office for the kids. The kids had a big table to eat on, watch videos on and to color on. They were happy as can be. I was able to visit with everyone as was Bill. We got some wonderful gifts. Sarah and Brad gave me the most beautiful tea cup and blanket. It's a heating blanket. Can not wait to use it!!!! Sharon who is Sarah's sister gave us a crock pot recipe box, a pretty calendar and also some Bath and Body works stuff. Sarah's sister Karen gave us a beautiful 3 picture frame and a lovely ornament. Sarah and Brad gave the kids fun stuff. Yamira got a Tinkerbell coloring/sticker book, Ping got a princess one and Manny got bath dinosaur toys. Hope who is also a sister of Sarah made some adorable crafts for the kids to put out next year and also got them a beautiful train set that we can put out every Christmas. So thoughtful of her. I would say that we cleaned up well! After Sarah's we went to visit Bill's mom since we hadn't seen her for Christmas. Bill's brother and law and great niece gave Ping an Easy Bake oven, a Polly Pocket assortment for Yamira and some neat planes for Manny. So the kids were thrilled. Before we knew it, the hours were ticking by so we headed home. The kids have been going to bed so late lately.

I was thankful that Sunday was a free day. I slept in while Bill took the girls to Sunday school. We spent the rest of the day at home. The kids played and watched movies. I worked at my desk doing a bunch of things. I ended up staying up till 2:30 am!

This morning the alarm went off, but Bill didn't wake up. So I had to get him up. Then we realized it was very late. So Bill ran to get the girls up and ready. I stayed home with Manny. Bill then went to Audette's to drop off the truck for the rear end to be fixed yet again!!!!! He came home with a rental. A rental that stinks like terrible air freshener! So far it's been a good day and I am getting a ton done. Now I need to go get Ping from school.

Have a great week my friends!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ping and Lucas fooling around.

Ping and Lucas.

Bill and Joe savoring their favorite past time.

Ayi Meri and me.

Sarah and Brad's tree.

Manny and his new reindeer craft.

Sailor Manny.

The flying Yamira.

The crew.

Us ladies chatting.

Ping's pink hair.

Opening gifts.

The train set.

Opening gifts.

Helping Yamira.

My new tea cup.

My new tea cup.

Nice hat.

Uncle Brad making hats.

Ping modeling hers.

Uncle Brad helping.

The kids are anxiously awaiting.

Too cute.

Loving her new gift.

Manny loving his.

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