Thursday, January 6, 2011

I can't believe it is already Thursday of this week.

I am having one of those days where I swear it's Wednesday, but it is not. It's Thursday. I know that and I have gone over it a million times today, but I keep getting stuck on it being Wednesday.

Tuesday of this week, I never got to my swim aerobics class. Instead I volunteered in Ping's classroom. I had a great time. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know Ping's classmates and taking part in a small way. I get to do some fun projects with the kids who are all adorable. Once home, I proceeded to work on my dreaded file purging project. Before I knew it, we had to get Ping from school and head to skating lessons. The rest of the night was pretty standard. You know the drill. Lunch making, book reading, bed.

On Wednesday, I was fully planning on going swimming, but due to sleeping so poorly the night before I just never got up. Bill took the girls to school. I slept in. I mean I really, really slept in. It was great. I then proceeded to get upset with myself for blowing the first half of my day. I made up for it though. I finished up my first filing drawer purging. Took hours, but I did it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a good record keeper. I want to be one of those people who always throw away the receipts. One who never checks their credit card statements or who save all of their bills for 7-10 years. However, I have the curse of good record keeping and keeping and keeping. I got it from my parents. I won't change. I can't change. It's not in me.

I finally finished what I wanted to do for the night and moved on to watching a little TV. Watched a good movie called "Crossing Over."

This morning I jumped out of bed, got the girls ready and their hair done. We jumped in the car and got to school on time. I then headed over to swim. After swim I went to the Greendale mall for what should have been a quick errand. However, the store was not open, so I went into TJ Maxx and bought myself two new bathing suits. In a brand new size that I haven't seen in many, many years. I then went to do the other errand I was there for. Before I knew it, I went into two more stores and then drove like a bat out of hell to get Yamira from school. The Envoy has been in the shop for the last hit and run, so I have to do all the picking up since I have car seats and Bill does not. Once I picked up Yamira, she came home for lunch and I showered. I then took her to a mother's outing at a play gym. She had a great time. After hitting CVS on the way home, we came home. I was going to resume working on my files, but I never got around to it. Bill left to get Ping and to go grocery shopping. Manny woke up and Yamira was flitting all around. I ended up losing the rest of the day. Bill came home and it was time to put away the groceries, head off to get the truck for Bill, me making dinner for the kids and lunch for Ping tomorrow. Then I proceeded to help Ping with homework. I was doing fine, till Bill came home and looked at me like I had lost my mind. So I got up and did some other things. Then it was bath and bed for the kiddos and TV watching for me. At this point it was after 8:00 pm and after a full day, I could not bring myself to start my filing project. Hopefully I will get to it tomorrow.

Well I am off to bed. Want to get up and get swimming!

Mama Out!!!!!

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