Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Sunday again!!!!

Another week down. This week was a toughie. We got a ton of snow and the kids didn't have three days of school. Having them around should have been somewhat delightful. NOT!

Monday was Martin Luther King day, so the girls didn't go to school. We stayed home for the day and did some crafts and they watched some movies. Not a very exciting day at all. In the evening, I took Ping to Daisys. She got two new petals that night. So I took a magazine with me and just waited until the ceremony at 6:45 pm. The little ones were in bed. Ping stayed up to finish something she was working on earlier and then she went to bed.

On Tuesday, it snowed like crazy. I think we got about two feet of snow. So everyone was home for the day. All three of the kids did crafts upon crafts upon crafts! The driving looked awful so we didn't venture outside until 3:00 pm. The girls still had their skating lessons. They never get canceled. The parking lot was never cleared, so it was a mess and people kept getting stuck. Ping's teacher wasn't there, so she was put into a class. She loved it none the less. We then did a quick errand at Michaels and came home. The roads were super slippery and I just wanted off. I wanted us all home safely.

On Wednesday, the girls finally went to school. Thank god because they can't handle being home well. I can't handle them being home either! Bill had an opportunity to work at the station from 6:00 am till 9:00 pm that night, so he was gone all day long. So I stayed home with Manny instead of dropping the girls off and then going swimming. I picked up Yamira at 11:10 am and then got Ping at 3:10 pm. We then headed off to gymnastics. Yamira didn't listen at all to her teacher and Manny was off the wall. He wasn't playing nice in the little playroom at the gym. I was really angry by the time I left the gym. We came home and had dinner and then after a little TV, they went to bed. Could not be fast enough for me. Bill finally strolled in around 9:00 pm. He was exhausted to say the least!

On Thursday, I dropped the girls off and headed to swim class. I hadn't been there all week long. I used to go five days a week. It's getting harder and harder to get there for so many reasons. All good ones. I just miss going. After picking up Yamira at school, we headed to the library for a play date with Skyler and Sophie. She had a great time as did I. I love chatting with their mom's! We then came home so Yamira could have a quick lunch and then I took Yamira to therapy. Bill got Ping from school. Once home, I grabbed Ping and us girls jumped back in the car for a dentist appointment. Ping had to have two cavities filled. What a night. Ping was beside herself crying and screaming. I was nearly in tears because my heart hurt for her. She hated the Novocaine. Meanwhile, Yamira gave me so much grief about going out to play in the waiting room, I finally gave it and told her to go. What did she do while I was with Ping? Oh, only throw everything all over the place. I was so angry! I made her pick everything up after she did that. So we were at the dentist a good 30 minutes waiting on her. She knew she wasn't allowed to take out more than one thing at a time because I had been in the waiting room with her before I had to go to Ping. So just because I wasn't there, she decided to make a mess. Just really disappointed in her. Once home, everyone had dinner and went to bed.

On Friday, it was Professional Development day for the teachers, so there was another day off. So the kids were home for the entire day. They wanted to do more crafts, so they did those. Then Ping went off to play at her best friend's house. She had a wonderful time. Bill did a lot of snow blowing because we had another big storm out there. I stayed in and worked at my desk. I literally had a large to do list. I am proud to say that I did 98% of the list! It took me from 10 am to 10 pm to do it, but I did it.

On Saturday, our friend Maura came over for a visit. She has not been to the house in 8 or so years. She was shocked at all the changes. We have built out to the left and now we are to the right. We spent the day trying to catch up, but the three little ones were really not helping. Yamira and Manny were really behaving fairly poorly. I was grateful that we could have some time to chat after the kids went to bed. Maura just moved back from Phoenix and I have missed her company terribly. I am so happy she is back home. At the same time, she really misses Phoenix and that makes me really sad. I want her to be happy. Selfishly, I want her to be happy in Norwood. I am hoping things turn around for her.

Today Bill took the girls to Sunday School and then went to Walpole to help Sarah and Brad get a washer and dryer moved. They got a great deal and needed a helper. So Bill shot down to help out. He was home within a few hours. The kids did some crafts and watched some TV, while I did a few things at the computer. What else is new? I wanted to sit down and read my People magazine, but I never got to it today. Now it's 8:00 pm and I don't think at this point I want to read it. I rather watch a little TV after doing a few more things!

It was a really tough week with the kids home so much. I have no idea, but Yamira and Manny were really rough this week. They were really poorly behaved. Yamira tested me every single day and would not give up. I swear she spent more time in time out than she did with the rest of the family. I think she must be going through one of her streaks. I call them streaks because she goes a few days, a week or a few weeks with this poor behavior and it's so frustrating. I am not sure that anything we are doing is helping, but we will keep doing what we are doing as I feel that it's the best way to work with her. I do love her and her brother dearly, but I don't like it when they are like this day after day. Makes it hard on everyone!

On top of the kids not behaving, I have had some terrible stomach burning. I am sure it will go away, but have had it for three days and it's very uncomfortable!

Well off to do one or two more things. Have a fabulous week!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Daisy meeting.

What the petals are for.



Friendship circle.

New petals.

Bottles of sand.

Ping's crown.

Ping and Yamira's new frames.

Scratch art.

Yamira's new necklace.

Manny at the skating rink.

The three.

Ping skating.

Neesha on her back.



Sophie, Skylar and Yamira.

Silly chicks.

Reading to each other.

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