Monday, January 10, 2011

What allergies are out there?

I was told that I could be suffering from allergies because I keep sneezing. I don't usually have bad allergies, but the older I get, the worse I get them. I honestly think I have another cold coming on, but it could be allergies I suppose. Today I felt lightheaded, so that is why I think it's a cold coming on.

The last time I checked in was Thursday. Mind you I have to consult my calendar to remember what I did on the other days. Sure sign that I am getting old and feeble.

Friday was a pretty good day. Bill took the girls to school while I stayed in bed. I was mad at myself for not getting up and heading to swimming, that was the only bad part of the day. I did get up and get Yamira to therapy for noon. Once home, I worked on a bunch of boring stuff at my desk and then got ready to head out for the night. Yamira and Ping's school was having a dance party. We got there for 6:30 pm. It wasn't well attended. I was a little surprised by that. However, the kids had a great time dancing and running around. I left Bill with the kids at school and headed off to get Meri for 7:30 pm. We had to get to a Mom's Night Out! We were taking a free pole dancing lesson. I am not kidding. I can't even believe I am admitting this. I have always wanted to try it, but never got around to it. Despite that, it's not something I would run out and do with women who I don't know. However, I got Meri to go with me. We had a great time. There was only one pole for us to share as everyone else had their own pole. We had a great time, learned a few new things and just laughed at it all. After the class, we headed over to Sweets a liquor/dessert bar. There was only 8 of us or so. I had a great time getting to know the other women in the new mom's club that both Meri and I have since joined. I didn't drink or have dessert, but Meri did share some sweet potato fries with me. That was all I needed! We were home by 11:00 pm or so.

On Saturday, we had to get up early to get to a belated Christmas adoption party. We go every year. There were not that many people there this year. I guess a lot of people are really busy right now. Everyone brings a dish to share and Santa and Mrs. Claus come for a visit. Not like they can ask Santa for anything at this point, but they don't care. We were there for a few hours and then we headed home from Rhode Island where the party was. We spent the rest of the day putting around the house and doing a few things. The organizing never seems to end. I finally finished up my purging filing project. So boring, but necessary.

Sunday brought Sunday school for the girls and the Sharks hockey game with the Daisys for Bill and Ping. I stayed home with the two little ones. Bill and Ping left around noon to go for a free skate session and to do some crafts. They had lunch and watched the game. Ping said she had a wonderful time. I cleaned out a bunch of cabinets, cleaned the bathroom, the dining room and a few other places. Thrilling, no? I didn't have a desire to go to the Sharks game. I knew Bill would enjoy it and it was good time for those two to spend together. He misses his time with his baby. All in all, it was nice to be home for the day. I worked on Ping's adoption video quite a bit too. I am determined to get that done and sent to the right person to put it together with music!!! I have to work on her life book too. That is going to be so hard. So much info is needed for that. I just keep procrastinating and that isn't like me at all. Just a lot of research and time to put it together, but I will get it done and feel better for doing it. The tough part of Sunday was that Bill broke a glass shade that goes to our chandelier and they supposedly aren't replaceable because it's an older light fixture. I know because one broke before and I was so lucky to get the last shade on the shelves at the manufacturer in Canada. Mind you it was a fortune when we bought it. Pre children of course! I love it and it's unique. That is why I was crushed. After that happened, I gave him my camera and told him to be careful with it, but make sure to get some shots of Ping skating. He came home with a broken camera. It dropped when he stood up at some point. The Daisy leader heard it and was able to retrieve it for him. However, it's completely broken. Needless to say I was really angry. Accidents happen, don't get me wrong. However, he really needs to be more careful. Right now he isn't working and I don't need to be shelling out more money that we need to. It's just a fact. No glossing over them.

Today was a better day. Nothing has been broken. I should not say that out loud!!!! I got up this morning and got ready to head into school for 9:00 am. I am helping out with Ping's class about once a week or so now. I miss the swimming, but I love meeting her friends and helping out. Ping enjoys having me there too. Bill took the girls this morning, so I was able to get ready and to be there on time. After leaving there, I returned the nice camera Bill bought me for Christmas. I also headed to Price Chopper, the bank, Pucci's and Walmart. Bill got Yamira from school and he also went and picked up Ping. Early this evening Ping and Daddy went out in the neighborhood to sell some Girl Scout cookies. She really wanted to do some door to door walking, so off she went. The kids are now in bed and Bill is at a Mason meeting. Guess I will clean up some stuff at my desk and move myself over to the TV for a little bit.

Hope you have a fabulous week. Time to look for snow as it's coming soon!

Mama Out!!!!

Bracelet from Ayi Meri. Put all the pictures in and it looks great.

Bill dancing with the kids.

Manny smirk.

Orange smile.

Shayla and her friend Lily.

Bill running with the bulls. I mean the kids.

Throwing Yamira.

Hula hooping.

Love this picture.

Ping flying.

Meri at our dance class.

Me and my heels. LOL.

All of us.

The instructor.

Ready for our fun day out.


All of us.

Dining room table I want to sell.

Ping skating.

Skating at the DCU.


Kim said...

Have you tried a NetiPot or Sinus Rinse ( I just got the Sinus Rinse since Sheridan has had a drippy nose for close to a month. I kid you not, after 2 days, all drips were gone. I am using it as a preventative and it is amazing the amount of muscous that comes out of your sinuses. It might be worth a try.

Jill said...

I have and sometimes it works well and sometimes it does not. Thanks for the suggestion.