Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's already Tuesday and I have yet to update!

We had the busiest weekend. To be honest, I was so tired on Sunday that I could not be bothered to catch up here. I know that is awful, but it's the truth. I have been exhausted the last two days. No clue why except it may be due to taking a knock off allergy medicine. Needless to say I have stopped taking it and I hope I will be more awake going forward from today.

So here is last week in review. Well from what I can remember anyway.

We had a full week of school. That is one good thing. No storms last week at all. A few flurries, but nothing to keep the kids out of school.

On Monday, I slept in while Bill brought the girls to school. I decided to take a few weeks off from swimming since it's been so hard to get there and to get other things done. Other than Daisys in the evening for Ping, it was a fairly regular day. Bill was on call from 6-10.

On Tuesday, the girls has school. After school, I took Yamira over to the library to play with her best friends Sophie and Skyler. I got to sit and visit with Bridget and Ashly and the girls did crafts. We headed home a little after 1:00 pm so Yamira could have lunch. We picked Ping up from school and went to their ice skating lesson.

On Wednesday I did a bunch of errands after taking the girls to school. I then got Yamira and left her home with Manny and Daddy and went to pick up some DVDs that I had copied. They were of Ping during her time in China. Bill was on call again that night from 6-10. He did take the girls to gymnastics once I got home. Just a crazy day of running here and there. I had to have the phone fixed, Bill had to leave for the girls and I had to rush home after getting the DVDs and going to Sherry's House to drop off Valentine's. It was a lot of jockeying around. That is stressful, especially when I kept hitting traffic. However, it all got done!

On Thursday, I had a meeting at the DCF meeting to justify PACT money. That is when you get a little extra money for the children in your care. You usually get PACT if you bring your children to therapy. It's a little compensation. The meeting went great. I also found out before even going that we are legally adopting the kids in the beginning of March. I am overjoyed. I can't wait till they are legally ours. They are already ours, but it will be nice when we all share the last name of Nicholson. Well not me, but everyone else in the family. After the meeting, I did a few more errands and then worked on some stuff at home. At 6:30 pm I had an appointment for a message. It was glorious. I really needed it. She could not get over how much weight I lost. Both her and the receptionist. It was nice to hear.

Friday was a really busy day. Bill dropped the girls off at school. He then came home to watch Manny while I went to Ping's classroom for an hour and a half. I then got Yamira at 11:00 am and off to the doctors we went for a booster shot. She is doing great weight and height wise. She is up two pounds and two inches. After the doctors, we went to her therapist appointment. Then we went to the hair salon and I got a quick cut. By the time we got home, the entire day was over. At 6:30 pm, I headed out the door to pick up Bridget and to head to Meri's for her Usborne party. We had a nice time. I ordered a few books. I took Bridget home at a decent hour, but we sat and chatted in her driveway for forever. Needless to say, I got home very, very late. It was a nice chat though. When I got home, Bill got a call, so he headed out the door and I headed to bed. I could not sleep though! He finally came home and we both passed out. To say we were tired is an understatement!

We had to get up early on Saturday too because we had plans. We went out to South Deerfield with Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe, Lucas and Ryan. We went to the Magic Wings butterfly place. We had a great time. The kids had fun. We then had lunch and went back in for a short time before heading over to Yankee Candle. We spent an hour and a half or so there and got a few cute things. We then headed for home. The kids passed out in the car. Thank god. Two funny things for the day. I got Mylanta all over me. So not cool. So embarrassing. I looked like hell. Also, one of the butterflies really loved me. See the picture for proof.

On Sunday, the girls went to Sunday school and then we all went into Chinatown in Boston for the Chinese New Year. We met a new friend by the name of Cari and her two kids in town. We walked around for a little bit, but to be honest, it was truly freezing in town. We hit a few shops and then headed home after about three hours. It was just unbearably cold. We fed the kids and off to bed they went. They had a wonderful, but a busy weekend.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It was a decent day. The girls went to school and I stayed in bed. I got up to get ready and went and got Yamira. We then picked up Daddy and Manny and headed to Chuck E. Cheese to meet the kids biological father. We were there for two hours. The kids had a ball. They had pizza and played games, got a cookie and opened their Christmas gifts that got returned to them from the post office. That should never have happened, but it did! The kids were thrilled with their gifts. Yamira got a princess camera and Manny got a few trucks. The biological dad and his wife even bought Ping a gift. They got her a camera too. I thought that was beyond thoughtful and kind. I let them hang out with the kids while I tried to read my People magazine. It was so darn loud, I couldn't read anything!!!!! I didn't want to intrude with his visit. His wife thanked us over and over again for us being so willing to let the kids have a relationship with them. We are more than happy to do so. She also thought the kids looked fantastic and said that she thought we were doing a great job with them. It was so nice to hear. It was a wonderful visit. After we left, I quickly ran into Toys R Us to get the kids some stuff and then we headed to school to get Ping. We came home for a short time and then Bill took Ping to her Daisy meeting where she made some Valentine's. She had a great time. All the kids loved their cards and presents. I got them all candy and a thing that goes on their bureau that bobbles. Got them some dry erase crayons, some colored pencils and a movie too. I gave Bill an introductory scuba lesson. He gave me a card. Oh well. That is my hubby for you. My kids didn't get a card from one of my closest friends because she wasn't in the spirit. Again, oh well, that is her. Disappointed given all I have done for her over the years. One card for three kids is that difficult? Hmmm. I was exhausted last night and literally passed out on my desk when Bill went to get Ping from Daisys. Not long after I moved to my favorite chair. Not sure what my issue was, but I could not stay awake.

I woke up this morning exhausted as well. Probably because I never slept last night. I kept waking up and contemplating going to bed, but it felt like my bed was in China. I was that dang sleepy. I got up this morning and helped Bill get the girls to school and get Sasha in a cage. Bill took her to Petco for a bath and a little extra shaving. Seems that she had an accident and smelled like cat urine. Poor baby! He then came home and before he knew it, he had to turn around and get Sasha and then Yamira from school. I showered and headed off to my sleep doctor appointment. I then did a few little errands before heading home. I was still exhausted, so I didn't do much but putter. We did pick up Ping at 3:00 pm and then headed to the ice rink for lessons. We then did another two errands and headed home. Bill cooked for the little ones and then I put them to bed because he got a call and had to run out. Now I am here catching up. I think I am done!!!!!!

Off to post some pictures.

Hope you have a wonderful week my friends.

Mama Out!!!!

Chinese New Year card from Kirsten, Roger, Molly and Phoebe.

Close up of card.

New addition.

Manny's hair cut.

Yamira's hair cut.

Sasha and Sophie soaking up the heat.

Valentine's for Sherry's House.

Beautiful butterfly.

The place we were at.

Me and Meri.


Happy girl.

Ping and Lucas.

Beautiful tree.

Pretty tile.

My friend.

My friend hanging on.

Yamira and pretty tree.

Pretty tree.

Me and Ping.


Me and Yamira.

All of us.


Pretty bird.


Santa with the girls making Valentine's.

Santa hat.

Where they should always be.

The best part of our day.


Lion dance.

The crew with their balloons.

Chuck E. Cheese.



Zipper door.

China map.

New cookbook.

Sasha with her bow.

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Heather Hale said...

Hi Jill. It looks like the addition is coming along nicely. I wish we could more easily visit Chinatown. We'll have to make a trip sometime.