Saturday, February 26, 2011

School vacation is just about over

It was a good week, but I am happy to know that I will have to deal with less noise when the girls go back to school. I love them to death, but the noise level when the three get going tends to take over and I can't think straight. Not all the time mind you.

On Monday of this week, I did a few errands. We then got in the car and headed down to Hyannis to stay at the Cape Codder for a few days. It was freezing cold when we got there around 3:00 pm. The wind was bone chilling. I literally ran into the hotel with our stuff. I could not take the coldness. Every since surgery, I get cold so fast now. I really can't deal with it. I have always been able to do so, but now I can't at all. I get really almost angry if I am that cold. Anyway, we checked in and got to our room. It was a cute room. It was small for the five of us, be we are on a budget! The girls wanted to go swimming immediately, but we wanted to check into the stuffed animal workshop they had going on. So after unpacking, we walked to the Nauset room to gander a look. Ping wanted to make a dinosaur/dragon/crocodile thingie. Of course she did. Nothing cute and pink for her! Yamira wanted to make a cat and Manny wanted to make a doggy. I joined in on the fun and made a lady bug. After stuffing them with stuffing, I had them all make a wish and we stuffed their wish into the back of the animal. No special wishes like I want to have good health for the rest of my life. What can one expect from kids of these ages. It was more like " I want a new hairstyle." I was willing to guide them to a deeper meaning wish and then stopped myself with some self talk. After all, it's their animal and not mine. Let them do what they want to. A lesson I am trying to learn daily. So there I am stuffing their silly wishes into the back of their animals and Bill closed them all up. Then Yamira and Ping absolutely needed to add an outfit to their animal. So we walked out with a purple dress on a dinosaur/dragon/crocodile thingie. It was really pretty hysterical. Bill and I couldn't stop laughing at it. The cat was cute with her ballerina slippers and hair accessory and dress. Manny was okay with a naked doggy. My wallet thanked him for that.

Once we were done with paying for the new stuffed animals, we headed to the Hearth and Stone for dinner. The kids were happy and Bill was happy. I wasn't so happy. Thought I would get a salad. Hated the lettuce in it, so wasted the entire thing. Felt guilty about that. Honestly didn't think the food was all that great looking or tasting. Oh well. Expensive for a family of five to eat out. We haven't gone out much, so I was a little shell shocked. I wouldn't care, but just aggravated with no checks coming in. Think we have been more than patient with unemployment.

After dinner the kids played in the fun zone for a little while. There was a tiny bouncy house there, but it was mostly all games that had tickets like Chuck E. Cheese. They each played a few games that they could do with our help and then we headed to see the pool. Ping cried because she wanted to swim immediately, but it was late. So after promising she could swim the next day, she calmed herself a little and off we went to the room. We put the kids down, but it was a nightmare. The older kids ran the halls all night long. Thought it was cute to knock on everyone's room door, etc. So the kids literally stayed awake for another 2 hours. That was hell for all of us. Especially me because I don't go to bed early and I couldn't watch TV or even read because I couldn't have the lights on. I went to the lobby, but was so flipping cold I went back to the room. I found the hotel to be really chilly in the main areas and even in our room. I ended up going to bed early.

On Tuesday, we got up after an awful night of hardly any sleep and headed off to the pool. The girls were thrilled. We stayed for about an hour and a half before leaving to change and to head to a craft and face paint event. Well the face paint was fine. There were two ladies doing that. The craft was literally crayons and paper. Not much of a craft if you ask me. Wasn't looking for it to be high tech, but certainly didn't think it would be crayons and paper. They also had stuff to make bracelets and a book on how to do it. Um, sorry but that isn't my thing. I made three bracelets by weaving the stuff, but that was as good as it got. We then headed to lunch at the Hearth and Kettle again. They were all happy and I wasn't bad either. I got a side of butternut squash. That was my lunch. Yippee. I know you are all insanely jealous.

After we had lunch, I took Manny to the room for a nap and Bill took the girls swimming for the afternoon. Manny was desperate for a nap. I decided to join in on it since I didn't sleep the night before. The girls had a blast until Yamira supposedly (according to her) drowned. So she was brought back to the room. I changed her and warmed her up and tucked her in for a little nap. It was way too late, but she needed to be cuddled and warmed. The other two came back an hour or so later. We then headed out to McDonalds for dinner. I just needed a change of scenery and wanted a cheap dinner for everyone. So they were pleased as punch. We don't ever go, so they really wanted McDonalds. I had a side salad that did not agree with me. Man I miss hamburgers!!!!! Once we were done eating, we headed back to the room and put the kids to bed. We had driven uptown to Main Street to see if I could find a store open to buy a sweatshirt, but everything was closed. So that was the main reason we left the hotel. Then we headed to McDonalds and then back. A good day was had by all.

On Wednesday, we got up and headed out to the pool. Around 1:00 pm, we went back to the room to change and to head off to the craft area. The girls each got their full face painted and Manny got a kitty on his arm. We also got them some sword balloons. We then headed off to lunch at Hearth and Kettle again!!!! I ordered a side of steak tips. I had one and it stuck in my throat. It was really good, but just stuck there, so the rest went to Bill. We spent the afternoon the same way we did the day before. Manny and I napped and Yamira, Ping and Bill went to the pool. When they came back, we headed out to see a bubble show. A man that creates all types of bubbles in various sizes and shapes. It was cute. We left that a little early because it was late and the kids had to be fed. We ordered pizza and ate at a table in the lobby. I got a side order of mashed potatoes from the Hearth and Kettle for my dinner. We then all headed to the room so the kids could get to bed. It was nearly 9:00 pm. While the kids slept, I packed our bags.

We got up early on Thursday. We were all going to head to the pool, but I decided that Manny and I would hang in the room and the girls and Bill could go swim for an hour. Manny was cool with watching cartoons and I showered. When the girls got back, they changed. Bill showered and out the door we went. We headed right home. I had a ton of things to do at home, so I was anxious to just get out of dodge.

Once home, I had the fun task of going through all of the mail, listening to all the messages, returning calls and going through 500 emails! That took all afternoon. I had a bunch of things to work on at my desk, so I did some of that and then got the kids upstairs to take a bath. They love their bath time. They went to bed at a reasonable hour.

Friday was chocked full of errands for me. I took Yamira to therapy and then we went to Audette's to get a price on my car. Bill hit the garage door opener while my trunk was up, so he scratched the heck out of the trunk. So I went to get an estimate. We then quickly ran into Price Chopper for a few things. It was awful out. Absolutely awful. The rain wouldn't let up and the puddles were everywhere. When we left therapy, I had no choice but to step into a puddle to get to my car. It went all the way up to the middle of my calf. My legs, ankles and feet were drenched. My pants and sneakers were soaked. I was miserable. Absolutely miserable. So I did the errands I had to do and skipped the rest. I just could not keep going. I was absolutely frozen stiff and hungry. Once home, I changed and Bill headed out the door with the girls. They had a make up session for gymnastics. I worked at my desk while they were gone. Poor Ping fell in the last few minutes of class and really hurt her neck badly. She has two huge red marks on her neck. Poor baby. I wasn't there. I hugged her when she got home.

At 5:45 pm, a man came to get some stuff off of my computer. I have been putting three years worth of pictures together so that this gentleman could make a CD of Ping for us. I should have done it in the first year, but I didn't. Funny how I have to do everything immediately and yet I dragged on this. I feel bad that I did, but it seemed so overwhelming to me. Can't wait to see it. After putting the kids to bed, I did some stuff at this damn desk as always and then watched a little TV. I passed out around midnight.

This morning I woke up to Yamira walking around at the crack of dawn. That wasn't really working for me. I told her to stay in her room and just chill out and read books or play with her stuffed animals. I jumped into bed for a little more rest. Bill followed me up maybe an hour later. At that point, all three were up begging for breakfast. They kept saying "Daddy, please get up, we are starving." The drama! I stayed in bed a little longer and then got up to shower. I had an appointment at the house for 11:00 am. After that appointment, I went to the bank, post office, tile place and then Walmart before running home to meet my uncle for a visit. He usually stays for just a short time, but he stayed for over an hour. We had a great visit. Unfortunately, even though the visit was great, I didn't get to Framingham to do an errand like I was planning on, so I have to do that a different day.

At 6:45 pm, I headed out to the Greendale Mall to meet with my friends Meri, Rebecca and Kirsten for a pedicure. The pedi went way too fast. We then stopped in two shops before moving on to Dunkin Donuts where we sat and chatted for hours. It was so nice to get out and just chat with friends. I had a great time. Mind you it is now almost 2:00 am. I have got to get to bed or I am never going to get up tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Playtown Express.

Cozy Sasha.

View from our room at the Cape Codder.

Our room.

The girls and their stuffed pets.

Ready for a swim.


Fang teeth.

Kitty cat.

Our wondrous three.

Bubble man.



Where we stayed.

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