Sunday, February 20, 2011

School vacation week is starting

Well my three have been wild animals the last few days. What is up with that? Is it the cold? Is it because we have not been out? I have had to do a lot of things at home. On Friday, I ran a bunch of errands. I picked up Yamira from school and then took her to her therapy appointment. We then went to Target and dropped off some Girl Scout cookies. I then headed home for a short bit because I had to go back out for a 4:00 pm appointment with my accountant. That went fine. I then proceeded to do a few more errands. The kids had dinner and headed to bed at a decent hour. I spent the rest of the night doing things at my desk.

Yesterday morning I got up early. Well early for me on a weekend. I headed out to the bank and the post office. I also dropped off some more cookies and went and signed up the three kids for swimming lessons. When I got home, I told them I signed them up and they were screaming and jumping around like crazy people. They were so very excited. Swimming lessons is one of the best things you can do for your child. Having them familiar with water is so important since there is water everywhere. So we are looking forward to starting that.

Bill headed out to do a few errands after I got home. The kids did some crafts and then took a nice toasty bath. That was followed by dinner, a book and bed. I stupidly stayed up till 2:00 am. Don't ask me why because I do not know.

It is now Sunday and I am home organizing and cleaning. I had a nice visit with my cousin this morning when she stopped by for her GS cookies. The girls are playing and Manny just woke up from his nap. Bill is cooking and watching the Daytona 500. Do not see the allure in that. Never have. Before I know it, it will be dinner time and bed for the kids.

Off to do some heavy cleaning.

Mama Out!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Chris is a diehard Nascar fan and I also do not see the allure in it. Just a bunch of cars going in a circle. ;) Hope you have a good week.


Jill said...

My mom and I used to swirl our finger and make the car noise EEEERRRRRReeerrrrerererreEEEErrrrrrr.