Thursday, February 28, 2008

Attempting to Post Pictures of Our Beauty!

Sorry I have not been able to post the last two days. One night I had a terrible sore throat and last night they closed before I could get here!!!!!

The last two days have been tough. It is expected. First let me say that she is adorable. She is very expressive. If she doesn't want to deal with me, she puckers and sort of spits. I have learned to do this back. BAD MOMMA. Temper tantrums are semi-frequent due to being two. They are kind of cute. She throws herself on the bed. Toughest times are when she is tired. She cries for her foster grandma and grandpa. They were not called mommy and daddy which is a great thing.

China isn't bad, but I am craving kisses from my girl and something decent to eat. Like a real meal with salad and bread, etc. I would just about cross the street here for a large ice tea with 5 Equals. Bill can watch the traffic for hours. I asked our guide about accidents and she says they really don't have them as they all follow the illegal rules of the road. Um, okay! I will not be killed by a car or van here, but a bicycle will most definitely do me in. Hey, I am a big target!!!!!

We have been to the Walmart here. That was our BIG 1 hour outing. We had a crowd. One overweight Chinese gentleman made fun of me, the rest just stared. So as a courteous guest in their country, I showed him my distaste back. Yes, I am now a 3 year old!!!! Our guide Michelle was sweet to open a milk for Miss Ping Ping while we were paying for the stuff. She squirted milk all over my girls face. It was hysterical. I am glad I didn't do it. We had a huge crowd looking at us and if I did it, certainly they would have thought I was a dumb Westerner.

There is so much to say, but the small one is restless and starting to whimper. So let's try the photos and I will talk to you all soon!


janeez2 said...

Hey Jill, Bill & Shayla!

So wonderful to hear from you again. Shayla sounds like a cutie and a spitfire!! Your awesome sense of humor is still intact - you're doing just fine at this parenting thing! Sorry to hear about the sore throat though - hope it goes away soon. Before you know it, you'll be in Guangzhou and able to eat some more "familiar" foods. I still wouldn't advise a salad just yet though! Best wishes for a little smooch from your best girl really soon! Take care & enjoy the rest of the trip!

Denise B.

toni said...

HOORAY!!! i've been stalking your blog like crazy!!! it is absolutely the best thing in the world to 'hear' your cheerful self talk about your little beauty. what a beautiful smile she has. hang in there mama - that girl is gonna love you like nobody's business before long!!!

Every Day is a Party! said...

It is so wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for posting all this. I am sharing your wonderful journey with my family and friends. Everyone is SO happy for you!!! I cant wait to get you at the airport. I was so excited that today here was Friday because that meant less than a week til you come home!

And like I assured you before, your house and your kitties are WELL taken care of! We all love you very much and would do ANYTHING for you!