Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am frozen tonight!

We had a good couple of days here.

Friday I had a friend over for a short time. I took some pics of Ping and the little one she is fostering. He is adorable. Our visit was much too short. She had to get going to pick up another little guy that she fosters and Ping had to get to dancing.

Yesterday we had a very busy day. I slept in a little later than I wanted too. I woke up, showered quick and headed off to the post office. The line was horrible. However, it passed quickly. There was a man and a Chinese girl in front of me. He had a few cards going to China. He was talking with his daughter about the addresses and she said something and then he said "Well not everyone speaks English, right? He looks at me and I just laughed. I said "I agree." I then said that I had a little one from China that was four. So a huge conversation ensued. It was a good way to pass the time. He had no idea about the new regulations in regards to adopting. I darted to UPS after the post office and then came home to grab Ping and Bill. We went to Michaels to have the Kissing Ball decorated. I bought a gorgeous Boxwood Kissing Ball for my parents. The woman at Michaels did a beautiful job. She did the one I bought last year as well! We then went to Staples to get me a new office chair. The one I have is falling apart. The casters are always falling off and I am so sick of it.

Ping was starving, so we of course had to stop and eat. We then headed to JC Penneys for hours. We got towels that need to be returned. A jacket and snow pants for Ping and a few other things. Ping was hysterical tonight at JC Penneys. She isn't a fan of escalators. She likes them once she is on, but she is scared to get on and off. As we were going up to the second floor, Ping yells to Daddy who was a few steps ahead "Save yourself Daddy, save yourself, don't worry about me." We couldn't stop laughing. Where did that come from?

Today we stayed home. Bill did take Ping to Sunday School. When they left, he got in the Envoy only to discover a dead battery. So he came home and grabbed my car and brought it back down to the church. He then had to drop off my car and get the Envoy. A lot of up and down the hill for him this morning. Bill went out to buy a battery after that debacle. I made out 50 Christmas cards. Ping wrote out a letter to Santa and made cookies with Daddy. She also watched a Christmas movie. I will say that the afternoon didn't start well. Ping was playing with scissors. I told her it was okay as long as she used them properly. Needless to say, she cut her hair again. Not badly, but still. This is the third time. To say I was angry is an understatement! After she cleaned up her stuff, she went to her room for a little while. She was so upset. She hates when I am mad at her. I hate when I am mad at her. We were both crying. The poor thing didn't feel like she could leave her bedroom to go to the bathroom, so she had an accident all over her bed. I felt horrible. I am not sure why she didn't feel she could leave her room for the bathroom. Then again, maybe because she was so upset, she had the accident. I felt horrible. So we got her cleaned up and changed. After looking at the snow, we came downstairs and had some fun.

Ping got a good bath tonight. She loves her bath toys. She went to bed late though. She wouldn't settle down. I tried to watch a little TV, but kept getting distracted. I am now going to head up for a soak in the tub. I am just too cold tonight.

I hope you are getting your holiday preparations done.

Mama Out!!!!

I am not giving up these gloves. No way, no how!

Curly hair girl.

Curly hair in back.

Some of the village.

Tree #1.

Tree #3.

Snow friends.

Tree #2.

Snow buddies. One is missing a nose.

Noseless dude.

Still have our curls.

Holy firefighter.

Loving my beads and stickers.

Ping and Christian.

Ping and Christian.

Beautiful bird.

Beautiful Kissing Ball.

So pretty against the snow.

So pretty.

Dear Santa.

Santa letter.


Cookies that Daddy and Ping made.

Great job you two.


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