Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is it really only Tuesday?

I truly feel like it should be Friday by now. It has been an awfully long week.

Yesterday as I was waiting to turn into Ping's school, a guy behind me kept beeping. I couldn't turn in as there was no room. He got so angry, he got out and marched up to my car. Just as he was about to get to me, there was a space I could pull into. Everyone saw it. The teachers, parents and students. I was so very angry. I wish I got the make and model as well as a license number. Dude, you are in a school zone!!!!!!

In the afternoon, I get a phone call from the landscaper that came out 1 1/2 years ago. He called me because he found a review on the internet that I wrote about his company. So he called me yelling. Sorry buddy, but you never finished the job. Now you want to get angry? So we had words and then I called his foreman and had words with him as well. It wasn't pretty.

Today was a long day as well, but I won't go into all of those reasons. I need to get this place picked up, lights shut off and head to bed.

Please let the rest of the week go easy!

Mama Out!!!!!

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