Sunday, December 6, 2009


Big waste of a day.

Bill and Ping had breakfast at church and then Ping attended Sunday school. After school the two went grocery shopping.

I thought once everything was put away, we could start cleaning and getting the Christmas decorations out. I swear we have danced around these decorations all day. We have 2 trees up with no lights or decorations. It's getting late and Bill right now is off picking up Joe. Joe and Meri's car is going in the shop for some body work, so Bill is picking him up. Not at all upset about having to get Joe, but I am upset that it looks like we won't be getting ready for Christmas any time soon. It's such a time consuming task in this house. I am ready to get rid of it all!

Ping is going to bed for 8 pm and that is in an hour. So do you care to make bets as to what is getting done Christmas related before the rest of the night is over?

I swear it's time for a Menorah!

Mama Out!!!

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