Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Not really today, but it sure was yesterday!

Tuesday night was busy. We had ice skating and then a memorial called "Lights of Love." It's in Worcester. It's quite nice. They have the Wesley Ringers there and I love bell ringers. Ping was a good for the most part, but saw food and had to have an orange. We then had a quick dinner since it was so late. We never did get to the rest of the decorating!

Yesterday we stayed home. Ping had a morning doctors appointment, but once I looked outside, I decided that I was not going to get on the highway with her. She goes to the Cranial-facial clinic ever 6 months. So that was where we were going to go, but it was just to snowy and slippery. So we stayed in bed for awhile and then got up and did some things here. Last night we decorated the other two trees.

Today Ping spied one of the trees that we put up after she had gone to bed. She wasn't totally thrilled that we did it without her, but we had to get it done. While she has been at school, I have had the chimney sweeper here and have also been doing quite a bit of cleaning and decorating. This decorating is having over my head and it's driving me batty. This year is so hard because we changed our furniture. Last year and the years previous, we had tons of tables and that is key when you have a lot to display.

Anyway, just had to catch up here. Off to get the Pingster!

Mama Out!!!!

Sasha enjoying her Christmas present. She never gets off our bed, but look at her now.

Oh so cozy, stop taking my photo.

Gingerbread houses are over rated and a giant pain. Decided to go with gingerbread people instead.


I swear Mama, I will be very careful with this beautiful ornament. So sweet.

Thumbelina on the stool.

O Christmas tree.

The elf has arrived.

Elf trouble.

Funny elf.

Silly elf.

Ho Ho Ho.

Too cute.

Oh holy night, it's another Christmas tree.

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