Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am trying to decide if I like it or hate it. I hate the time it takes, but love sharing pictures of the kids and writing down what I do on a regular basis so that I may some day look back and remember all of these precious moments. I am not sure that anyone but me even looks at the blog anymore. I know they can be quite boring. I was a lot wittier when I returned from China. I have now become a boring mom of three. I don't remember the funny tales as much as when I had one and was struggling with first time motherhood. Mind you, there are still many funny tales to tell. It's usually Ping that is spitting them out or playing them out. Just last night she said for the second time "Is it a deal? Great, glad that it's a deal, just want to be on the same page as you." It's hysterical because she says it all at once and doesn't let us speak at all when she is saying this. She has this conversation with us, but it's truly by herself. Is it funny to anyone but us though? I often wonder if I should print this blog up and start a fresh one for the three of them or if I should just stop blogging all together now that Facebook is so active for me and for my friends?

It's hard for me to believe that I haven't checked in since last Thursday, but there have been so many things going on. Last Friday the kids went to school and I took Yamira to therapy. Other than that, it was a standard day in our household.

On Saturday, we went to Donna's to swim. Donna and I ended up doing errands, so I never got in the pool. It wasn't hot enough for me anyway. It was for the kids though. They could care less if it's 50 below both outside the pool and inside the pool. The don't care if their lips are blue and they are shaking. Yamira will much more so than Ping. Ping would freeze up like a block of ice before getting out.

On Sunday, we put the three kids into respite while we went to Melissa and Aric's wedding in Hampstead, NH. We had a nice time. I got gussied up for the first time in forever. I found myself talking about the kids a lot at the wedding. I never wanted to be one of those people. UGH. What has become of me? Lol. I guess when you are home with three kids, all you can do is talk about them. We danced a little, I barely ate and we left at 7:00 pm to head home to get the kids. The kids were decently behaved. Ping was excellent I was told. Yamira got out of control a little and Manny was okay. I was a little disappointed in their care. They were well taken care of, but they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do and that is not good for Yamira or Manny. Yamira lost Ping's hair bow and thought it was funny. The respite worker didn't nothing to help me look for it. I was very disappointed in that. It's only a hair bow, but it's the point of it and it's Ping's not Yamira's. I can get another hair bow, but why wasn't this woman watching what my children were doing? Oh, because she had another three there for respite and should not have. That is my opinion anyway.

Monday came and was not a great day. The kids were all exhausted and Manny and Yamira were out of control. It's like the first time they came to us. I could not believe how unraveled they become from one afternoon. Yamira was being a smart ass again and thinking she owned the show and was going to run it. Not at my house. Not today or any day for that matter. It was a tough, tough day. We got a lot of things done at the house, but not as much as I wanted to. We are trying to move around three bedrooms! Not an easy task without having a lot of extra storage space!

Tuesday came and the kids were back in school. All of the kids seemed really tired. Manny and I headed out to do errands. We then picked up Yamira and did another two errands. After getting Ping at three, we did a few errands for Meri who is immobile right now due to breaking her ankle. So we went to her doctors to get some pain medicine and then I took it to CVS to fill it. They were backed up, so we were there quite awhile. I then delivered the meds to Meri. Once home, the kids colored and I worked at my desk. Bill thought he had the Fire Department, but he didn't. I was thrilled. The prospect of caring for the kids alone didn't thrill me, it had been such a long day already!!! We made the kids dinner and put them to bed by 8:00 pm. I then proceeded to clean my desk off and watch two movies. I had to stay up late to watch them and I am so exhausted now, but they were great movies. "The Blind Side" and "Up in the Air" were the two I watched. The night before I watched "Motherhood." That was a fantastic movie!

Today I haven't done much except to drop the kids off. I have to go back and get Yamira soon. I need to get going as I have a few things to do.

I hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!!

My ladybug.

Striking a pose.

My other ladybug.

Sassy girls.

Yay for school.


Ready for the wedding.

My hair down.

Me in the wind.

Us at the wedding.

The train.


The happy couple.



The groom and Bill.

Bill's coworkers.



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