Friday, September 17, 2010

Another week down

I say this all the time, but this week just flew by. It was a busy week and I never had a chance to check in here, so I am here now with the attempt to catch up!

I started back to my swim class this week. I have enjoyed it and I have needed it. Don't get me wrong, I would rather not have to exercise, but I do need to exercise, so it's good that I got that back on track. I found a nice woman by the name of Angela to watch Manny for a little over an hour every week day. So on Monday, I dropped off the girls at 8:10 am and then drove to Worcester to drop off Manny. I then drove to the Y in Worcester for my 8:45 am class. Immediately after class, I went back and got Manny. We then went to Walmart for some much needed supplies. I ended up having literally 10 minutes to take a shower once I got home from there. I then had to grab Yamira. We all came home, I fed the troops and put Manny to sleep. At 3:10 pm we went to get Ping at school and went to her doctors appointment. She needed her hearing and eyes tested again. She did great. We then went home and had dinner. Ping and I went back out for 6:00 pm for a Girl Scout meeting. Then home for dinner. Bill then ran out to a Masons meeting. What a long day. There is never a spare moment!

On Tuesday, it was pretty much the same schedule. Drop off the girls and Manny and then swim. Go back and get Manny, go to Walmart for additional stuff, shower and back to get Yamira. I had an 11:15 am appointment back at the house and then it was lunch, nap and back to get Ping. We then went to skating lessons. Both Yamira and Ping skate. Yamira fell and bit her lip. That was fun. Not! We then headed to McDonalds for take out. I never take them to McDonalds, but we had a ton of things to do, so I figured we would run there and then home for them to eat. Bill then headed out for the Fire Department. I put the kids to bed and did a few things at my desk since I could barely find my desk.

On Wednesday, we had the same type of day. Two drop offs and three pick ups. The girls had school pictures. I don't know how they came out, especially with Yamira's lip being swollen and red. Right after we picked up Ping, we headed to gymnastics so the girls could participate in their class. They are in the same gym, but are in different classes. The rest of the night was about dinner and bed. At least Bill was home for the night! That is always a plus.

Yesterday was a crazy day. In addition to the same schedule of dropping off and picking up, Yamira had therapy at noon and it was her birthday. When we got home, I was greeted by a gentleman from TruGreen. He didn't have an appointment, he just thought he would try and catch me. That really irked me. It's after 1:00 pm, the kids need to be fed, Manny needs a nap and I have 10 minutes to eat a salad. I ended up not eating the salad because I felt terrible after a few bites. The guy kept repeating himself and I was in no mood. Then he has his office call me after he left. I already told him that I had 10 things to do in 30 minutes. Couldn't he have waited on the damn call? I said to the woman "I don't mean to be rude, but this day has been terrible and I can't talk right now." She said she would call me later in the evening, but she never did. At 6:00 pm, I headed out the door to an Open House at the girls school. I was able to meet with her teachers, look around the classrooms and see some of the projects the girls have been working on. Ping is doing great, but having a little rhyming trouble. Yamira is doing great, but needs to stop bouncing around. All in all, good reports. Once home, Yamira opened gifts for her birthday and then we got the kids to bed. I then did some more stuff at my desk till my eyes started to burn. So I sat down to watch TV, but I passed out!

Today is the last day for the week. Yay. No break though. We are having a party for Yamira on Sunday. Needless to say, we don't have enough hours in the day to get done what we need to do! After swim, I came straight home after getting Manny. I promised myself that I would not stop. I just needed the break. I showered and went to get the girls. It was a 1/2 day at school, so I got both of them at 11:10 am. I was thrilled. We then went to therapy for Manny, the store for balloons and then home for lunch and nap. After doing a few things at my desk, I closed my eyes because I was so tired. I knew that if I did that, I would have a bunch of energy tonight and needless to say, I do. Hence why I am here getting caught up on everything that happened this week!

Tomorrow we have soccer and the Dumplings Group. Then we have to buy paint for Ping's bedroom and clean and get ready for the party. Oh boy, it never ends, does it?

Mama Out!!!!!!

The crew.

Biking to the cemetery.

Biking to the cemetery.

Digging to plant a mum.



My parent's grave.

Kids were cold so Daddy threw their trikes in the back of the tractor and drove them home while they were on them. Funny, but I threatened if he didn't go slow, I would kill him.

Back view.

Sophie and Neesha.

Ready to open.

Waiting patiently.

Loving her glasses.

Loving her Etch a Sketch.


Got Ping an Etch and Manny too. You have to do that with three kids!

So happy.

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I love the picture of all the kids hugging!