Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thursday to Sunday in review

I can't for the life of me even remember what we did on Thursday during the day! I do know that at 6:00 pm, we dropped the kids off to respite care and Bill and I headed to Clark University to meet with our Marriage Check Up therapist. That was the last appointment. We have been participating for over two years. For two years we answered questionnaires and then we had to have two appointments. I am happy to report that we have a great marriage. Not without it's quirks, but we have some very major core strengths. It was a great thing to participate in. I thought it was interesting. I did it just because I am interested in anything sociology/psychology related.

On Friday, the two youngest had a visit with Dad after Yamira had therapy. She had a great day at school and then a great therapy session. We are trying to get her to identify feelings. She has come a long way. I dropped the kids off at 1:00 pm, so they could see their Dad. They had a great visit. Yamira was a little sad after, but she was fine by the time we got home. I went to Target and did a little birthday shopping for Yamira since I had no kids in tow. Later that night I was going to go country line dancing, but Bill had a bunch of things to do after work. I told him to do what he needed to do. I had things to do at home, so I was okay with not going. I do hope to go next week though. I need the exercise!!!!

On Saturday, Ping was supposed to have her first soccer game, but we had plans. I hope they did well. We went to Buffumville Lake in Oxford for an adoption party. It was poorly attended, but we all had fun. I don't know why these events are always so poorly attended. It's a shame.

Once we left the lake, we came home and proceeded to start cleaning out some of the bedrooms. We are changing all of the bedrooms alone, so we are trying to get all of our stuff out of them. It is a ton of work. I would rather have gone to the Sterling Fair!

Talk about a deadbeat today. I got up at 1:45 pm. Yeah, you read that right. Bill let me sleep. I could have continued too. Sad, but so true. Just really tired. I got up and hit the ground running though. I showered and checked my emails and then I started cleaning out my walk in closet. That was a pain in the butt. It's not completely done, but we got a lot of stuff put away and a lot thrown away. We were using the two extra bedrooms that we had for storage. However, now we have two more children and they need the closet space, so our stuff needed to be moved. Can't move our stuff without moving some of our other stuff to make room. We have filled up 6 or so bins today. Boring job, but oh so necessary.

I am supposed to go back to swimming tomorrow. I am beyond thrilled. I just hope I can drop the girls off and then drop Manny off and get to swimming before the class starts. I will know tomorrow.

Well I should post a few photos before signing off.

Mama Out!!!!!

The giraffe and the spotted pig.

Sister love.

Ready for school.

Must sleep with Daddy.


So sweet and she never sleeps downstairs.

Our family.

Ready for school.

Having a yellow and blue day.

So grown up.

Soccer anyone?

Manny is ready to play.

Ready to dig in the sand.


Loving her pail.

Cupcake time.

Pail on her head?

Here I go.

Such a silly kid.

Here I go.

Squishing my brother.

Sleeping with Daddy.


She looks mean here, but she is the sweetest. She was yawning.

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