Saturday, September 18, 2010

I considered turning in, but why not catch up here?

Things are fresh in my mind, so now is the time to catch up. What a long day. I am having a hard time stopping myself from yawning. I got up way too early for my liking on a Saturday. I was up at 9:00 am. I know that isn't bad, but I am not a fan. Ping had a 10:30 am soccer practice and game, so Ping and Bill the coach went off and the two little ones and I followed a few minutes later.

Ping had a great time on the field and I loved watching her. After soccer, we headed home for a quick lunch for the kids and a change of outfits. When we got home, we found a birthday card sent by Yamira's dad. There were two photos in there of him with other children. I am grateful he remembered to send a card. So she was so excited and we are proudly displaying it on the buffet bar. It wasn't a card you would send a child, but he remembered and that is what truly counts. We headed out to the Dumplings at WPI for 1:00 pm. We had a great time there. They had a few people come in and teach the children different styles of dance and martial arts and then the girls got to try it for themselves. That was fun to watch.

After the Dumplings, we went and bought paint for Manny's new room and Ping's new room. I can't wait to get the painting done and the beds made! I will be happy when that is all done. We have yet to start though and Manny's room will probably be changing, so we may actually hold off on painting his room.

We headed to the store after getting the paint. We had to get Yamira a birthday cake. Not thrilled with their selection, so I settled on a cake with yellow flowers. Doing a pink and yellow theme for her birthday. I asked that the writing be in a color that was on the cake, do you think they did that? Nope, they chose a pink. I think it looks dumb, but what can one say at that point? Yamira won't care, she is just thrilled to have a cake.

Once home, Bill worked outside while I worked inside getting the house ready for the party. I finally sat down at 11:30 pm to watch a little TV. Now it's time to go to bed. I have to get up early and finish the floor cleaning and a few other things. Another early day on the weekend. BOO!

Mama Out!!!!

Sasha burrito.

Ping at soccer.







Martial arts.


Dancing on one foot.

Yamira being silly.

Manny being a Queen?

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