Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

God is it hot out there. I am very lucky that I have a wonderful a/c unit pumping away outside.

Monday we were supposed to see our friends Trisha, Thomas and Julia. Julia woke up with a cold and didn't feel so hot, so we decided to postpone our plans to another day. That and I didn't want the kids to catch a cold since they were starting school this week. Who wants to be sick a few days into the school year? So we ended up staying home and laying low. I pulled out the backpacks and packed a lunch and snack for Ping and a snack for Yamira. We didn't do much because I wanted them to be well rested. Just as well as it was so hot outside! Got the kids into bed by 8:00 pm after they had a nice bath.

Tuesday morning came and we all got up at 7:00 am. Not my favorite time, that is for sure. Bill showered as did I. The kids got dressed and I fed them breakfast. We piled into the car for 8:00 am. Bill went off to work and I dropped the kids off at school. Ping is in kindergarten this year and Yamira is in preschool. I messed up the morning drop off pretty well. Everyone was parking and walking their child to school. I couldn't figure out why. So I did as I always did and pulled into the school. Well the buses were parked there and you are not allowed to pull into the school when there are buses in the driveway. Oops. The thing is that I was thrown off by the time. I was there earlier than normal. I jumped out and got the girls out and then headed off to home. Ping accidentally stepped on Yamira's backpack, so Yamira was bawling her eyes out. So I delivered a crying baby. I felt awful. Mrs. Milton thought she was afraid, but it wasn't that, it was due to Ping stepping on the backpack. You would think she broke it!!!!! Meanwhile, Ping got whisked away and I didn't even get to give her a kiss goodbye. I felt awful about that. So I drove home upset.

At 11:00, I went back and picked up Yamira. She had a great day per her teacher. We spent the rest of the day at home. After lunch, I put Manny in for a nap and Yamira colored. We left at 2:45 pm to pick up Ping. Finally by 3:15 pm, Ping came to the car. The dismissal process is long at this school. Probably at most schools, but I don't know.

We came back to the house and the girls colored and watched movies. They needed to unwind from their day.

On Wednesday, I dropped off both girls and it went much better. Manny and I headed out to do a few errands. Before we knew it, we had to pick up Yamira. Yamira came out crying. Apparantely, she had laid on the floor in front of the door in the school because she was so tired. She was unhappy when she was spoken to. She actually said she was sad that she misbehaved. She told me this at home. I was impressed with her for sharing her feelings and for feeling bad about misbehaving. After a quick lunch, I took Manny to therapy. I brought along some crayons and a coloring book for Yamira. She never used it. The oddest thing happened. A little 8 year old said "Is that such and such name?" So the woman with her asked if Yamira was _____? I said no. She said "My niece is convinced that the little girl and boy with you are cousins of hers. She then said "I am ________ cousin." Well that is their Mom's name. So I told her that Yamira was the name. Sure enough, we were meeting Yamira and Manny's second cousins! I ended up talking with the Aunt of the two girls. She is their guardian. They were taken from their mom. Yamira ended up playing with her 8 year old second cousin. I gave my name and my email and told her that I would send photos and would be happy to maintain contact. She cried. She said she could tell I was a good person the last time she saw me at the therapy place. I had no clue. I didn't remember her. She kept thanking me for taking them in and for loving them. She said she could tell they were really loved. It was really sweet. Hopefully we can keep in contact. I want the kids to know their biological family if at all possible.

Once home, Manny napped and Yamira laid down. She was exhausted. We picked up Ping at 3:00 pm and came home. Yamira went back to the couch and Ping colored. Yamira stayed on the couch for the rest of the night. I felt her forehead. She seemed warm. I gave her some Motrin. She said her legs bugged her. Not sure why. She wasn't really even hungry for dinner. That was a first. We popped them into bed after reading a book. The little ones were asleep by 8:15 pm, but Ping cried for a little longer. She is now sleeping in her own bedroom and it's taking awhile to get used to it. It breaks my heart, but needs to be done.

Yamira had a great day at school today. She is watching Snow White. Manny has been very difficult today. Not sure why. He is doing stuff he knows he shouldn't, but he is two! We have to get Ping at 3:00 pm, so I am off to do a few things before that.

Mama out!!!!

Ready to go!

Sweet baby ready to go to school.

Little chicken ready for school.

The girls.

Have to get them all in the photo, even if Manny is in pajamas.

So sweet.

My giraffe.
Loving her shoes.

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