Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How did it get to be this hour Ms. Mouse?

I swear the day went by so fast, I don't remember most of it. I know when I woke up this morning, I didn't want to really wake up. I did though. I got the kids off to school and left Bill here with Manny. After swimming, I returned home and Manny greeted me. Daddy was still in bed!!!!!! So after a quick shower and a little bit of bed making, I headed off to get Yamira and then to Olive Garden for a salad. Kind of a drive for a salad, but I was craving one.

Once home, Bill ate the soup I got for him and got to work. He took down all of the white cabinets that we used to have in our laundry room. While he did that, I booked an eye appointment for Ping because today in the mail, I got a piece of paper saying that she failed her eye test. So I am going to have her seen my a pediatric eye specialist to see what is going on. So between getting the name of that person, calling the insurance, making an appointment and making an assortment of other calls, before I knew it, we had to get Ping from school. We then headed over to ice skating for the girls. We did a few quick errands after and then we headed home. Bill had the fire department tonight, so I was on my own to feed them, help Ping do her homework and put them to bed.

Had an interesting night. I was watching Oprah tonight and I hear the cats jumping around like crazy. Very odd. Then I hear a lot of screeching. I come around the corner and there is Sophie chasing a mouse. A very fast mouse! The mouse ran through Neesha's legs to which Neesha turned around, sat down and stared at it. It was really quite comical. Needless to say, Neesha isn't a mouser. My Sophie sure is though. In the meantime, Sasha who is dead asleep upstairs comes running from the second floor. She immediately caught on that there was a mouse to be had. These two beauties chased that mouse all over the house. I was involved too. I got a broom and a big pail. I wasn't going to hurt the bugger, but I did want it out of my house. I didn't want the girls to eat it. Needless to say, Neesha watched the three of us running around like nuts trying to catch this faster than a speed of lightening mouse. Finally Bill comes home and I enlist his assistance. The mouse literally jumps at him and lands on his arm. I was dying. I couldn't stop laughing because I had pictured that this was pretty much how it was all going to go. Well the mouse escaped us all and went down a hole into the basement. We wouldn't have seen the mouse had we not been tearing apart the family room for the last few days. The mouse came up a big hole apparently. Well anyway, the mouse left.

Not more than 20 minutes later, I hear the commotion again and the mouse screeching. What a dummy, it came back up! So there we are hot on it's trail again. It managed to elude us over and over until we finally caught it in a box. We slipped a piece of paper under the box, wrapped it up like a gift and took the mouse outside. I am pretty sure the mouse ran around the house and back into the damn basement. Why wouldn't he or she? It's warm. Cutest little bugger. I had to remind myself that he was lucky he was married to me. He could have been married to someone who was screaming from the top of a table, but I am strong like bull. No scaredy cat here. Well, I am not a scaredy cat, but it appears as if Neesha has shown her true colors!!!! Sasha who has less than an ounce of energy came alive tonight. Sophie put in a tough fight and was the first to find the little critter twice. I guess you could say that two out of three isn't bad.

Happy mouse hunting!

Mama Out!!!!!

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