Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Who can sleep with so much to do. That is what I am asking my cd. Don't ask my why I am listening to Christmas music. I still think it's still to early to do so. I guess I thought it would be calming. I look above my cd player and look at all this stuff trying to fall off my bookcase and realize that looking over there just increased my anxiety! I am not a slob at all. I don't hoard stuff either. I just have too much stuff in a small space. I could rip it all down and neaten it, but I have other things to do. Right now I am juggling far too many projects. The kids needs keep me hoping all day, that is why I am not getting to them I suppose. Doesn't help having this remodel going on. It will be so worth it in the end though, right?

So is there a bug going around? Both Manny and Yamira seem to be suffering from something they ate or they have a bug. I am wondering if it's the Apple Cider we have given them. Apples can be so hard on tummies. I hope it's not a bug.

Sunday we took the kids to Edaville Railroad. We had a nice time. I find that the place was very overpriced for what they offered, but we still had fun. We went so we could see their Christmas lights for the holiday season. We took a train ride and the kids went on all the rides. We got home late, so the kids were zonked.

Yesterday I dropped the girls off at school and headed to the pool. In the afternoon, I took Yamira to the Orthopedic surgeon to discuss her tibias. He wasn't worried about them. He said she is very flexible. He also said that she hyper-extends, but he isn't worried about it. She will probably benefit from ice skating and gymnastics, so he was pleased that she was already in both. So it looks like the little girl is going to be just fine. I will go back to see him in six months just to check in and make sure she is on course. He is the same doctor I saw when Olivia had 4 broken bones. He is a nice guy. So supportive shoes are what is best for Yamira. Of course Yamira gravitates towards the cute and flimsy shoes. Hmmm, makes me think of me all those years before I killed my feet.

Last night, Ping had Daisys. She got her special pin at a nice ceremony for all of the girls. We all went to see the girls get their pins and patches. Manny kept yelling out Daisys when he wasn't supposed to, but it was really quite cute.

Today I stayed in bed. No excuses, I was just tired. Felt guilty of course for doing so, but I did. Ping and Yamira got to school via Daddy. When he came home, he passed out on my chair for some reason, so he gained more rest before getting Manny for breakfast. After cleaning as much as I could this afternoon, we picked up Ping and took the girls ice skating. Bill is now at O'Connors having dinner with other soccer coaches and I just put the wee ones to bed. Thank goodness. They are so overtired. Overtired kids is so not pretty. Guess I will finish up some stuff I need to do and go and watch a little TV before I pass out!

Mama Out!!!!!

Scene on the way home from gymnastics last week.

The girls at Edaville.

Drummer spin.

The crew.


At Santa's feet. Aren't they always?

The girls.


Me and Ping are ready for our ride.

On the mini train.

Scene from the train.

Scene from the train.

Says it was remodeled by owners years and years ago.

The remodel.

Back yard shot.

Bill looking for treasure.

Nice tarp.

Daisy Law.

Here she comes.

Proud of my girl with her leaders.

The girls at Daisys.

The leaders.

Ping with her certificate.

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