Monday, November 8, 2010

I am being taken over by sticky notes

It never fails, I always feel like I am being taken over by all my sticky notes. Sadly they are a very boring yellow. I do every once in awhile condense them, but by the afternoon of that day, they have grown yet again!

I am heading off to bed so that I can greet the morning. Let's face it, I never great the morning. I am not a morning person. However, I get up easier if I am in bed by 1:00 am!

Yesterday I slept in way too late. So disgusted with myself for doing so. I made the most of the afternoon. Bill took the kids to breakfast in the morning and then left the girls at Sunday school. I slept while he did all this. Finally in the afternoon, I started packing a bunch of things up in the family room. I didn't know until I got an email, that there was such a rush. I was shaking from the stress. I decided to cram in a little hamburger and I ended up throwing that up. So that didn't work too well for me! Between trying to eat, make Ping's lunch for the next day, get dinner on the table, get a special call made for the kids and also a bath, I was beside myself as there was just not enough time to do it all. However, everything got done with the exception of the family room being completely cleaned. I can only do what I can only do in so much time.

Today I got up at the crack of dawn because the girls were up. They get up way too early and I don't know how to stop them from doing so. They get changed, play, scream at each other, hug, sing with Manny and here I am trying to sleep. Makes getting up at my time harder as I drift in and out of sleep. Well I got up and got the girls off to school and went swimming. When I got home, I expected to see someone starting to work on the family room, but the gentleman wasn't able to make it. Hopefully they will come towards the middle of the week. In the meantime, Bill and I packed and moved things around in both the family room and the laundry room. We are not 100% done, but we are getting there.

Well off to bed. Tomorrow awaits.

Mama Out!!!!!!

The family room an absolute mess.

Work in progress.

Where the addition is going.

Where the addition is going.

Front view of where addition is going.

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Felicia said...

Ya know there is a note pad that looks just like a yellow sticky note on your Iphone ;p

I have been using it alot, I just think of it this way......

I am saving many many trees, it is never lost and my carpal tunnel is fine from not so much writing :)

PS I love your family room!!!