Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Too angry for words!!!!!!

Baba is at school. It's double duty tonight. Double duty is hard. Ping has been great all day long. She seems like she has a cold or allergies, so I gave her a little Benadryl earlier today. It made her sleepy!!!!!

After a long day of errands and appt.s, I laid down to nap for 10 minutes. I am so stupid. Why do I think she can behave for 10 minutes. When I say 10 minutes, I truly mean 10!!!!!!! I awoke to finding Ping pushing the button on the Swiffer, OVER and OVER. The smell was awful! I told her to stop. I come around the corner carefully, and find that my mother's living room area is practically under water/solution!!! I am so angry. There were tracks of small sneakers leading from the litter box to the girls water fountain. So I investigated even more. What Ping was doing was taking poo out of the cat's litter box and stuffing it into their water fountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I suppose that seems funny and maybe in an hour or 2 or 20, I will laugh about it. Right now I am pissed off at myself and Ping. She knows better. Why would she even think to do that? It's so disgusting. More so, it's so unsafe for my furbabies!!!!!! So I unplugged it, picked it up and threw it on the counter. I cleaned up the entire floor. I will go back in a little while and clean some more. I literally just asked Bill 2 days ago to clean the fountain from top to bottom!!!

So now where is Ping? Well the dear lass is on the couch, with a blanket pulled over her and she is hiding her face towards the couch. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DID IS WRONG!!!!!!! So I got her up, took her in the other room and showed her that what she did was wrong. I am not sure if she got what I said, but I truly believe that she knows that what she did was wrong. She walked away and went to the bathroom. She came out, got on the couch and pulled the blanket over her.

Baba just called. He will help me clean it when he gets home. He is better at that stuff:) Okay, I am kidding, but I want him to see what his angel did!!!!!

I rarely get angry, I truly don't get angry often. I am reeling from this though!

Off to the torture dungeon. I need to write this stuff down so when she is 16, I can horrify her.


Special K said...

I heard that toddlers do stuff like that just to see what happens. The stuff Micah tries would never even occur to me!

I feel your pain. said...

i think i would get a new water fountain!

Christina said...

She thought she'd show the girls that their water fountain is actually a cat bidet.