Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday evening

I need to go to bed. However, I have decided to start a holiday wish list for Ping since I am getting a lot of people asking me what she might like. So I have listed a few things. I will add more when I have some time:)

Weekend was pretty low key. Friday we stayed home. Saturday we went to lunch because Bill was hounding me about wanting breakfast. So he got breakfast and I got lunch! Then we hit Walmart. The highlight of the evening was a visit from Anita and Robo. I love seeing them. It's never often enough. We are all so busy. I took out the camera for photos and forgot about taking them. I was so mad at myself this morning!!!!!!!! I really wanted some of them with Ping!!!

Today I had a Tastefully Simple open house at a home in town. It was from 2-5:30. It went fairly well. I came home and watched "Happy Feet" because I have never seen it before. I thought Ping would love it. She did for 30 minutes and then started yelling "shut off penguin, me no like penguin." Meanwhile Bill and I are both like "SHUT UP!!!!!" We didn't say that, but she was spoiling our time. We never watch a movie together. This is a rarity! I thought it would be nice. Think again Mama!!!!!!

Two of my friends are sad. Donna is missing her guinea pig Scootie terribly and Meri has had an awful scare with a new pregnancy. I haven't mentioned it here as I didn't feel it was my place, but I am mentioning now so that everyone can think positive thoughts for her.

This is going to be a tough week. I lost my dad on the 19th and mom on the 21st. I am trying not to concentrate on it, but it will get the better of me at some point. Thank god for Ping and her funny nature. If it wasn't for her, I would truly not have a diversion. Kids create a diversion no matter what you do.

I hope everyone is well!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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Christina said...

I will be thinking of you this week, Jill. I lost my dad on the 18th, and I know how difficult these anniversaries are, especially right before the holidays. I believe that your parents are getting such a kick out of Ping! :)

Sending positive thoughts to Donna and Meri.