Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend is sadly over

On Friday, Ping hung out and played with her toys. Nothing exciting to do that day. I love those kinds of days though. It's important to have some downtime!

Saturday, the three of us went to the Dumplings group at WPI. That is always a fun time. Some Chinese students that attend WPI are part of this group and they set up 2 hours of fun and education for the children. This time we learned about the holidays and festivals that China celebrates. We also did a little calligraphy. I swear Ping likes to go for the snacks they have. She loves Lychee! So after we left WPI, we went to the local Chinese supermarket. We bought her some special jelly juice and some Lychee cups in various flavors. We finished off the day with returning bottles and buying beer and then going to Walmart for stuff. Not exactly fun, but necessary!

On Sunday, I took Ping to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester with Audra and Ava. For 45 minutes, Clara from the Nutcracker would read the Nutcracker story to the children. It was adorable. There were a lot of little girls dressed to the nines!!!!! First the girls sit and have pink lemonade or apple juice and sugar cookies. They then crowd around Clara and listen to Clara. They finished it off with a autographed postcard from Clara and a picture if you wanted one. She had such a great time. She loved the sugar cookies of course.

So we didn't do a lot on Sunday. I got some online shopping done since the holidays are fast approaching!!!!!

Here are some pics from both events.

Ping, why are you sitting in the cats box?

Sasha stretched out on Daddy's lap.

Sophie, you are never on the kitchen counter, what are you doing????

Ping made Daddy take his coat off the minute he walked in the door on Friday and demanded the shoes too. Goof!

Yeah, maybe in a few years it will fit?

Calligraphy they want the kids to write.

All Dumpling photos. She really is not paying much attention at this moment:)

Girls waiting on tea. Ava is in the light pink next to Ping.

I was concerned that she was going to do Origami at this point:)


Smiley chick.

Yay, we are going to have cookies!!!!


Clara visiting the table.

Mmmm apple juice which I shouldn't be drinking.

Sitting on Clara's lap. Terrible red eye photo that Mer fixed for me.

Listening to the story.

Tea buddies.

Love this photo!!!!!

Audra after returning the camera she stole by accident. She thought it was mine:)

I had cookies, but it wasn't enough. I am now eating my fish sticks. Really goldfish, but she calls them fish sticks.

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Christina said...

"I was concerned that she was going to do Origami at this point." LOL, I love this photo of her and your caption!

And--hey--there is nothing wrong with frequenting the places that have good snacks, Mom. That's a big thing for a kid!