Thursday, November 20, 2008

So flipping tired today

Today has been a long day. Ping went to school and I went to swimming. After I picked her up, we came back home for a short time before heading back out to a 1 pm appointment. I had her Christmas pictures taken today. Talk about stressful. People laugh when I tell them that this activity stresses me out. However, there are a few moms out there who totally get it. You are trying to make sure they are wearing their best outfit, have no food on their face, have their hair in place and be in a semi good mood so they will smile. Most people want a beautiful photo and none of these portrait places have all day to dedicate to one child. So you rush in and change and get the hair straight, do a few shots, change the clothes and maybe the hair and then you take a few more photos. It ends up being a fairly long process. Then you look at the shots that were taken and place an order. This is done after the kid has sat in odd poses for the last 30 or so minutes. So the last thing they want to do is view their photos and see if they should get an 8x10 or a bunch of wallets with a certain pose. Color? Sepia? Black and white? A collage? Which photo would you do with this or that? It's a stressful experience and I have ONE child.

After that whole thing we did another errand and came home. We were not home long because we had to take Sasha and Neesha to the vet for their check ups and shots. What fun!!!! NOT!!!!! I hate that job. Both girls are fine. Sasha is a litle heavy at 13 lbs! We are getting her teeth cleaned. They look like they could be bothering her at the gums. So it's better to have them cleaned than risk an infection!

I am having a hard time keeping eyes open today, so I am off for a rest.

Tomorrow is one year since losing mom. Maybe I could sleep through tomorrow?

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!

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