Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am currently on a liquid diet. All I can say is that I am so darn hungry. I am craving steak tips. Anything that will fill me. However, I can't do it. Not I can't. I won't either. I just had to share that!

Today was such a productive day. It's actually been a couple of productive days here at Casa Cummings and Nicholson. Thursday, I had a meeting with Ping's teacher. It's that time of year again! Shayla is doing wonderfully. She is really getting her numbers and alphabet down pat. Her articulation is better. Her patterns and name rhyming have all improved. She gets along very well with the other children and is able to solve conflicts well. She has excellent manners and is a joy to have in class. These are all things a Mama wants to hear. I was so pleased and proud of my pumpkin. I specifically asked if she was kind and got along with the other students and she is. Not that I had any doubt, but wanted to make sure. Last weekend when we went to a birthday party, the little birthday girl moved Ping's hand in order to give another child a goody bag. Then the little girl walked away. Ping was the only one that didn't get a bag handed to her. She looked at me and so I told her to get one. It crushed me. I know it was busy, but I just couldn't understand why this little girl didn't give one to Ping. So I asked how this little girl and Ping get along at the teacher conference. She said there are no issues there. So it was probably just a case of the girl being overwhelmed by the amount of friends she had there.

One thing that I was told was that in the beginning of the school year, there was a little girl that wouldn't sit next to Ping because she was different. The teacher nipped it in the bud and they are friendly now, but it broke my heart. I know people always say that kids will be kids. I don't want to hear it. Sadly, if you look around at what bullying is doing to our children, it's downright disgusting and saddening. However, it's not like Ping was bullied. It is in no way close to that even. I was just amazed that another child would notice Ping was different given that she is in preschool. Sometimes I wonder if I am prepared for Ping to grow up. God help the person that ever picks on her. I can not even think about it. I hope she is never picked on and I hope she never targets anyone to pick on. I am not even going there. I can't.

To get back to what I was talking about, she had a great review and I am so very proud of my pumpkin.

Thursday afternoon I had an ultrasound on my legs to make sure I don't have any blood clots. I don't. The ultrasound wasn't difficult. It was even easier because it was at Bill's work and so he was able to watch Ping for me for a short time. We then all headed to Target for a few items we needed.

On Friday, Ping and I did a few errands and then when Daddy came home, we did another errand. Not fun, but we are getting some spring and summer things for Ping.

Like I said before, today was a great day. We decided to move a bureau in one room into Ping's room. She has the smallest closet and her drawers in her bureau are not very deep. Ping has my original white furniture set that I grew up with. Well I had two matching bureaus. It's always been in another room, but we moved it in to Ping's room for the added drawers that are needed to accommodate her clothing. We were going to move the bookcase, but didn't like it in the new area. So we moved that back and put all the books back onto the shelves. Believe it or not, this took hours today. I am glad it got done though. I got up early this morning to drop off a Tastefully Simple order to Meri and then I had to get to the bank and make a return at the store. Then we got down to the tasks at hand. I finished the night off with painting Miss Ping's nails and toes. Needless to say, it was an exhausting day.

Before I head off, I have to add some of my Ping stories. I have put them on FB as statuses, but for those of you who are not on FB, here is some of the conversations lately.

Monday -

Ping is such a supportive little firefighter. When she heard people talking on Daddy's pager tonight she said "Daddy, can you shut that off? If I hear them one more time, I am going to kick their butts off." How is that for support? She then proceeded to tell Daddy that he doesn't know how to clean up after himself. ...He needs to put away his shoes and match Mama's stockings because she needs them!

Thursday -

Ping vs Ant. "Ant, you need to go outside and play with your friends. There is nothing to eat or drink here! If you don't leave, I am going to step on you, but you better not eat my toes." As Ping is tapping her foot, she says "I am waiting on your choice." Poor ant. "Mama, you need to buy ant cups TODAY!!!! Yes,... sweetie. Mama will do that."

I had a doctors appointment today. I had to take Ping because it was this afternoon. As we walked to the room, one of the nurses walking behind us said that Ping had the best little sexy wiggle when she walked. I agreed. I have always noticed "the walk." So the nurse asked Ping if she wanted fries with that shake! ...I think she noticed it because Ping was in a denim mini skirt. Hysterical.

Friday -

Walmart - "Hi, what is your name? Beverly. Nice to meet you Beverly. I am Shayla Yu Ping Nicholson. I am fron China. My parents picked me up and brought me home to live with them because I am the bestest child!" Then the bestest child put her hand on a fire alarm button at Payless. I caught her in time by yelling... "NO, NO, NO." That would have been awful, especially in OUR TOWN?

Saturday -

Rotten child! Ping wanted a chocolate shake, so we made one for her. She drank 1/2 and said she had a belly ache and was done. She then goes to Daddy and asks if she can have one of his Funny Bones. When I say "What did you ask for?" Ping says "I was talking to my Daddy. So Bill told me. I said "No, she has a belly ac...he." Ping's response? "Daddy don't listen to her okay, just don't listen to her!"

Well I am off for now. I hope you have a great weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!!

The mani and pedi I gave Ping tonight. She was a happy girl.

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