Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend fun

Well Friday was a little boring because we stayed home after Yamira had therapy. The girls played and watched TV. Manny slept and this Mama did a few things at her desk! Bill called in the afternoon to tell me that his car had been hit. Wouldn't you know that the dear that hit him took off? Shocking, right? It was in an employee parking lot and the jerk didn't say a word. So now we are stuck with the problem. I intend to discuss this on Monday with the police at his work. That and also the insurance company. Very angry about this and also very sad.

When Bill got home, I just got more angry when I looked at the damage. We did hop in the car after feeding the kids and went to Babies R Us for some new car seats. The two little ones got brand new and very cushy car seats. Once home, I did a little research and I have to say that somewhere in the middle of the night aka Saturday morning, I found the perfect bedding set for Manny. I ordered it and went to bed as it was 3:00 am!

Saturday I slept in. Much later than I anticipated too! I got up and did a few things around the house while Bill mowed the lawn. We had dinner plans at Casa Gaul's, so after grabbing some potato salad at the store, we went to their home. The kids had a blast playing with their two girls on their lovely swing set. It was nice to get out and catch up with our friends.

Today it was hot out, so after sleeping later than I expected again, I got up and showered. Bill did some grocery shopping and then we headed down to Donna's. The pool was a crisp 70 degrees so I didn't get in, but the kids did. We had a nice time, but we went so late that we didn't really have a lot of time to catch up on life. We will go again next weekend if the weather is good. The pool will be closed soon and that is disappointing. Sometimes living in New England is hard! Fall is an awesome season though. I love it, but tend to get sick a lot. I am hoping it's different this year. Let's hope.

I am off to post a few photos. Hope you had a great weekend.

Mama Out!!!!

The kids playing.

Ava watching Manny.

Yamira loving Jake.


Ava and Manny.

The gang. Elise was missing as she was in the house.


Yamira and Ping posing. Ping didn't jump.

Ping told the diving board not to break on her.

Ready to jump again.


Ping wants to jump, but won't.

Hugging Ayi Donna.

Ayi and Ping.

Yamira and Nicole.

Why does she have on my color?

Worst photo ever, but hysterical. I told Donna we needed to take a photo of ourselves like all the 15 year old do. We just didn't have the pout lips down well. Hysterical.

Do we have a sliver?

Are we done Ayi?


Nicole and Manny.

Nicole and Ping.

Ping is ready for bed when we get home.

Silly people.



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