Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I have been so busy with Bin Laden Ping, it's hard to stay on top of the blog. Where does the time go???? It is already Wednesday.

So I scored a free trampoline last week. However, after I went to look at it, I passed it up. It was big and she is only 3. Mind you, had it been in great shape, I would have brought it home. I always wanted one, I mean PING has always wanted one:)))) It was rusted and you could not bounce on one side since there were a few holes. So I kindly told the man that I would rather see it go to someone over the age of 5 and that she was too young for it. Bill wasn't keen on getting a used one anyway. Mr. Rockefeller thought it should be brandy new. Well given that it is something you can get hurt on, I agree. They are so dangerous. So I went back and forth in my mind as to whether we should get it anyway.

Well Saturday we headed out to see the trampoline at 3pm. The town called in all firefighters. So off he went and I had to go check the trampoline out myself!!!! Like I was going to break it down with a kid there? So I went and then did a few errands and came home. We were supposed to go to a friends house for dinner. Well Bill was at a brush fire in Holden, so he didn't come. Ayi Karen stopped by for a Ping fix and then Ping and I went to dinner. Well I was sort of speeding along and boom, I got caught. I wasn't going THAT fast. I was over the limit though and I had a light out. That I didn't know! I also wasn't wearing my seatbelt. Now before you fall apart over the seatbelt issue, I can truly say that it doesn't fit me properly and it actually IMPEDES my driving, so that is why I wasn't wearing it. However, I slung it over my shoulder so the cop thought I was wearing it. Crafty, no? So my pocketbook had flown forward, so I had to fling off the seatbelt (as far as he was concerned) and get out to get the paperwork. In the meantime, Ping is yelling "hellooooo." Good work kid. Be irresistible and maybe we can get a warning:) So he asked if I knew why he pulled me over, and I said no. So he told me about the light and the speeding. I apologized. I then asked him where the Holden fire was. He told me and then asked me why I wanted to know. So I proceeded to tell him that my husband from West Boylston is fighting the fire in Holden and he took off without anything to drink:))) Off he went to the cruiser. He was gone so long that I assumed I was going to get a ticket. Ping started throwing a fit. She does not get why we have to sit idle. She hates the car seat and sitting idle puts her over the edge. The officer came back and gave me a warning. I was so appreciative. Who cares about the damn ticket, I just don't want the surcharge for 6 years. I apologized and headed off. He was behind me. I had to pretend I was going to the fire, like I said I was. I was really just going to dinner. So I went down the way he told me to, turned around and waited a few minutes. I then proceeded on my way to dinner. Had burgers. YUM. Great company!!!!! After Ping played for awhile, we headed home to see Baba!

The next day we did a whole lot of errands and some stuff around the house. I also had a kit where you take the hand print of your child in clay and then put plaster/cement around it and then hang it. So I made the kit. Bill had to go to another brush fire that evening!!!!!!

So far this week has been okay. Monday we hung around the house and then went to look at a kitchen set I have been wanting. My birthday is on Friday, so I decided that this would be my birthday gift. God knows my sweet hubby won't come up with anything. Love him, but he is really bad about preparing ahead of time for birthdays and anniversaries! Well I couldn't decide on the natural or the honey oak color. I am still trying to decide. Ping was a nut job, so Bill hung out downstairs in the bunk bed area while I worked with the gentleman upstairs. I have to go back and order the set. I just am still trying to decide on the color I want. UGH!!!!! We decided to take the project that I worked on yesterday out of the mold. Guess what? When Baba put Ping's hand print in the clay, he put it sideways and neither of us caught it. So when we took out the cement, the print was left to right and not straight up. How dumb are we????

Yesterday I had a foot doctor appointment and then had lunch with Meri and Lucas. We came home and I paid bills and Ping broke loose and had fun with her new kitchen set. The night before we had gone to Target and I decided to get some Crystal Light ice tea. Ping wanted to use the stuff with the kitchen set. So being the nice mommy I am, I told her she could, but she could not open the packets. I left and went to pay some bills. Not long after, I went to check on her. She had opened every little packet. It was all over the floor, all over the kitchen set AND the darling got some water in the bathroom and decided to mix it all over the place. It's my fault for letting her play with it. I get this. I thought I was being nice. You know, pretend food? Imaginative stuff. I am such a dumbo! Last night I painted the hand print pink. It's ugly, but it's her hand print. I asked Bill where we should put it? He suggested the bottom of a closet. I couldn't agree more.

So now it's today and we are heading off to the playgroup that we went to last week. If the perfume isn't bad, I just might survive the singing. In the meantime, Ping is trying to destroy me. The kitchen she got for the shower is adorable, but she is bothered by the fact that it isn't real. She does EVERYTHING in her power to make it real. Today she put water in two bowls and put them on the floor for the kitties. A few minutes ago, I found her drinking water off of a plastic plate that came with the kitchen. She gets mad the sink does not work, so she brings water over to it and dumps it in the sink. She has been ripping off stickers and trying to take the corks out of bottles. They don't come of!!!!!!This all happens when I am on the phone, email or updating the blog. Bad momma. Throw mama from the train. It's going to wreck anyway!!!

Just went to check on her again. She got into Baba's drawers in the family room. She found his EMT scissors, paperwork and an air freshener. She and the family room now stinks of air freshener. UGH. What is a mama to do? I think I have the solution. Maybe I should be watching her and not blogging!

I should mention that while she was sitting in the computer room earlier today, she took every blank CD out of the container and matched it with an empty case. They were all over the place. She was right here behind me. Then she unrolled most of the spare calculator tape. Life with a 3 year old!!!!! Nothing scares me, I am a MOM!

Ta Ta!

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Christina said...

Love the stories of "Ping, Office Assistant Extraordinaire!"

This part cracked me up about the handprint: "I asked Bill where we should put it? He suggested the bottom of a closet. I couldn't agree more."

You were a NAUGHTY woman with that officer! Isn't there some type of adjustment you can make to the belt? You are a mom now and need to set a good example AND take good care of yourself. You better hope Julie doesn't read this post!

As for where the time goes, you do a great job blogging. :)