Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sarah is out to save my soul!!!!!

I got a present yesterday. It's Bags on Board. They are little bags in a canister. So if there is ever a dirty Pull Up to be had when I am in a bind, I can use a little bag. She didn't really like my dumping in the parking lot event. I think she is worried about me now that I am a mom. Now, what else can I make her worry about? Truly, the presents in the mail are great fun.

I worry my truck isn't safe for me and Pingster. I might need a new SUV. Maybe the Lexus? The big one? Color of your choosing?

I am afraid that if I get too parched and don't have enough money for mama juice, I may cough so hard that I can't see well. Maybe some coupons to Dunkins?

I know I can come up more!!!!! Just kidding lovey. I know you will still be paying for my "Tiffany Shower" for years to come. Sorry Brad, bread balls for a little longer my friend!!!!

LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!!! You are the best:) I hope your new job is going well my pet!

Today I went to the Social Security office. I had to bring a boatload of documentation and I had to wait in line forever, but that is done. Ping should be getting a card in 10 or so days. Yay!!!!! Now I have to figure out how to readopt in the state of MASS! That is next on the docket!!!!

Off to bed. It's late again!!!!



Christina said...

GO SARAH! A woman after my own anti-litterbug heart.

What would you do if I sent you cloth diapers?


Leah said...

Sounds cute! I always just keep some old target or grocery store plastic bags in the glove box or diaper bag/purse just in case!

Dukie's Mommy said...

Yep... we had the diaper duck when Lucas was still in diapers and it was great. Good thinking Sarah.