Thursday, April 3, 2008


Yay. Now he can see what life is like during the day. Also, she adores him when he is home and I am the gum on her shoe. That means I essentially have the day off:)))))

This morning started off in typical Ping fashion. So far she has done two things. She added water to the dry cat food. So the cats had soup in their bowls. We just dumped it. Poor girls. Secondly, Bill came to bed this morning when she started yelling BABA!!!!!!!!!!!! He often sleeps on the couch in the family room. I wake him but he can't be bothered to move. So he came upstairs and jumped into bed with Ping. I thought it was odd since he had to go to work. Well he called in which is rare. The two of us passed out for a short time. Ping didn't. I swear she waits. So I get up because I know that if I don't, I will pay for it. Sure enough, Miss Pingzilla literally took every single baseball cap down that he has. They are in a cap container that hangs in our closet. Not a biggie, he only has a small bunch. However, she also removed almost every single tie he owns. She took them off of the motorize tie hanger. So there she is, proud prancing peacock with one hat on and carrying a hat in each hand with tons of ties in each. She put the other ties in the nook under his nightstand and the rest of them on the bench in the closet. So I am off to now put them all back.

I swear she needs to be in a sitcom. Life with Ping. Adventures of Ping. God Help Me Ping. The Color Ping. I am not sure who I would get to play mama though. Hmmmm, how about that woman from the Drew Carey show with all the makeup? Maybe someone gorgeous like Reese Witherspoon. Maybe we could do a 2 hour Lifetime movie. A Moment of Truth: Life with the Pingster. I will have to give this more thought!

Off to take a picture of the latest and greatest destruction zone.

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Julie said...

She is so funny! Any of those titles you mentioned would make a great title for your blog.