Monday, April 7, 2008


Not much to report right now. We had a fairly quiet weekend. We did sleep in a little yesterday. That is always a big no no with Ping. She did a little redecorating. She took all of Baba's caps down again. She did a few other things, but nothing that couldn't be cleaned up quickly! I told Bill that I was afraid to go downstairs and that he had to go first. It was fine. YAY!

Ping is really getting good at understanding things. I can tell her to pick up her toys or throw something in the trash. She is also great at saying "Thank you!" Tonight she came over to me, shook my hand three different times and said "thank you." It was cute.

I picked Bill up at work today and we went to the Chinese market. We both wanted to go. Nothing of any great interest was there. We got some dumplings. I would like to go to one in Boston. It may be better. So that wasn't all that much fun. I was thinking it would be great to explore. Nope. We then went to Michaels. I wanted to have two pieces of artwork framed. Well the was a trip and a half. It was 60% off. However, it was difficult getting just the right frame. We were there for 2 hours. Do we go with gold, wood, white, black, blah, blah, blah. When we were in China, we had her name done. It came out okay. I didn't love it. I hand carried it back. It still got banged up. On top of that, the paint comes off if touched. I didn't want to spend a fortune to frame it due to the fact that it wasn't great. However, I also got a very large print done by an artist. I got it at the Chen's Family Temple (I think). Isn't that awful that I can't remember???? UGH. Anyway, it's on a silk tapestry. I didn't have to get it framed, but I wanted to. Well it wasn't easy at all. I had a hair appt. at 6:30. I missed it. I felt terrible. The gentleman that was helping me was fairly new and didn't know how to use the computer to check prices and such, so it took much longer than I anticipated! I felt bad that I didn't make it to the appt. since it was with a good friend of mine!!!!!!!

After Michaels, we went back and got Bill's care and then headed to Target. We needed a bunch of stuff. Sometimes it's easier having another person with you. I had to get cat liter, paper towels and toilet paper. Stuff like that is hard to get with a little one. I do it often, but I just wanted the assistance this time. Plus it was late. We got home around 8:30, gave Ping some dumplings, wrestled with her to take her Amoxicillian and off to bed she went. She was pooped. I know I was. My feet were killing me. They still are killing me. I have the worst feet!!!!

I will say that Bill got a chance to see Ping put the window down and yell hello to other drivers. She was yelling to one woman who was on the phone. The woman could not stop laughing at Ping and her friendliness. We went to the bank before we picked up Baba and I had to put the window down on my side so Ping could say hello to the teller. Can you say shy? HA

Nothing really new and interesting to share with everyone. Nothing outrageous. Makes for a boring blog, but a good day in the household! lol.

Off to bed I go. XO


Special K said...

Sometimes, boring is good!

Christina said...

LOL at Karen. I too was thinking, Whew, finally a break for Jill.

Does this child NAP?