Saturday, May 22, 2010

I should be in bed, but wanted to catch up here!

I was just going to head to bed and then figured I should stop in here and get caught up. I haven't written since Tuesday. That is probably because there isn't much that is new. I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday basically researching various things.

On Wednesday, Meri was kind enough to offer to babysit Ping because we had to go to a wake in Waterbury, CT. Watching three kids is hard and I really appreciate her being willing to watch Ping. We drove to CT without too much hassle. Getting back was much harder. There were three different construction points where we drove less than 5 miles an hour. The hard thing is that Bill has been on call for the fire department all week and he needed to be home by 10:00 pm and we still had to get Ping on the way home. So the ride was frustrating, but we are really glad we were able to make the wake for our dear friends.

Thursday morning came and I didn't think the three of us would get up. Bill had a call in the middle of the night. So between that and driving the night before, he was tired. We were all tired. Ping had gone to bed late and that is never a good thing, but we all managed to get up and out the door. We spent Thursday at home. I did have an appointment in the afternoon, but other than that, we stayed home. My stomach was bothering me as well, so it was good to be able to be home for the day.

On Friday, I dropped Ping off to school and I went off to my water aerobics. I spent the afternoon doing some research on various things that are going on here. We then went to dance class. She has only two left. I could not be more thrilled. I am going to miss a good friend that I have made, but we will see each other outside of dancing this summer. I am not sure I am going to sign Ping up for dancing again. I probably won't. I may try gymnastics for her or soccer or even martial arts! That decision hasn't been made yet. I am still trying to decide what she is going to do over the summer. She wants to take swimming lessons and play soccer. She wants to do a few things and I want her too. Just haven't decided which ones she is going to do because we have to see if she can get into swimming lessons where I want her to go. That is first and foremost on her list.

Today we went to Boston for 1:00 pm. I had an eye doctors appointment. My eyes are doing perfectly. Yay. I had no doubt, but it's nice to get confirmation. After my appointment, we headed out to Walpole to visit with Sarah and Brad. We had a fabulous time. I always love catching up with them. I got birthday presents today and that was loads of fun. I got some beautiful stuff in some beautiful bags with pretty tissue paper and gorgeous bows. I got a Happy Birthday tea cup. I can't wait to put it up. It's beautiful. I also got a set of flatware with a stand that I desperately wanted. It's really pretty. I will have to take a photo of it. Sarah got me a really pretty pink and purple set. I could easily use both. I loved both colors, but ultimately chose the purple. It was so nice getting gifts. I didn't get anything from Bill for my birthday or Mother's Day, so it was nice to have something to open. Hear that honey bunny? It's okay, he asked, but since I didn't know what I wanted, he didn't get me anything. I will make it up to myself though. What is a woman to do?

Well I am off to find my bed. First I need to wake the hubby who is asleep on the couch. I hope he can sleep all night tonight. He has had a call almost every night and some nights he has had 2 calls. That is a killer when you have to work the next day. Sleep tight West Boylston!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

My hummingbird.

My pretty girl.

Jewelry making.

Silly girl in Daddy's clothes.

Told her to pout. She does it well.

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