Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a fairly decent week here

Ping had kindergarten screening on Tuesday after she finished up her school day. I was told she did well. Bill asked what would happen if she failed? Good question! I wasn't worried about it though.

Later in the afternoon, I took Ping to ice skating lessons. She hasn't been in a few weeks because we had other obligations. Meri signed up Lucas, so we met them there. Bill joined us at the rink. He tries to go to every class. Ping loves having her Daddy there. After a quick errand for me and Bill went on a quick errand, we met back at home. Bill cooked dinner for Ping and I cleaned the pantry out. Boring, but a total necessity! I then put a few items up on Freecycle. Those items are gone now.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I had to do two errands, but after picking up Ping from school, we came home. She played with her trucks and some blocks. I sat down to read for a short time and fell asleep. That wasn't my intention. When Daddy came home, Ping grabbed him and dragged him outside to play softball and to take a walk around the neighborhood. She loves to take walks. They came home just in time to see me wave goodbye. I headed out to get a massage. That was delicious. I love getting a massage. Wish I did it more often.

Today Ping has been making crafts and I have been working at my desk. I booked her birthday party. Glad that is behind me. I have also been researching flatware sets, benches for outside and a few other little things. Now I am catching up here. Nothing new is happening, so not much to share.

Hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weather.

Mama Out!!!!!

My sweetie.

She loves this dress as it twirls.

Silly goose.

How does one sleep like this?

Always has to be with Daddy.

So happy.

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