Monday, May 3, 2010

Why am I always amazed that I posted longer ago than I thought I did?

I was just thinking that I should probably update the blog. Not that anything exciting is going on right now, but thought I would check in. I swore I wrote over the weekend and here it is in black and white and maybe a little pink too, that it hasn't been since last Wednesday. Am I supposed to remember what I did from then on? I suppose I can give it a shot!

Ping has missed a few dance lessons. One while we were away and one while they were closed due to competition. I brought Ping to a make up class on Wednesday in the late afternoon. On Thursday, we had no plans. We stayed in and I made a few phone calls. On Friday, after school we stayed home as well. I am trying to get a lot of things squared away. Ping's birthday is coming up, I need to get a few things done around the house and so on and so forth. I took Ping to dance on Friday afternoon. It was nice to see our friends there. We haven't seen them in weeks.

Friday night, Meri and I went to the movies. We have never been to a movie together that I can remember. We saw "The Last Song." Excellent, but sad too. We had a great time.

On Saturday, Bill worked outside in the heat. He was cleaning the garages a little and doing a little yard work. We had a huge tree branch come down, so he needed to cut that up with the chain saw. He started working on that the minute he got back from taking Ping to her last make up class at dance. Might as well get it all done in one week, right?

While Bill worked outside, I worked inside. I organized and ordered nearly 1,300 photos from Shutterfly. Not my favorite job, but a necessary joy that needed to be done. Made a list for Ping's birthday, researched invitations, checked into anniversary gifts and did a few other things. Before I knew it, it was time for Ping to go to bed.

On Sunday, Bill took Ping to Sunday School and they went from the church to the local nursing home on foot. It was a nice walk because it wasn't too hot out per Bill. All the children sang at the nursing home for May Day. I slept in. When they got home, Ping couldn't stop singing at the top of her lungs "Yes, Jesus Loves Me!!!!!" It was cute. Sorta cute. She went outside and picked flowers while Daddy did some work. I got to work on a long overdue project. I cleaned out 6 drawers/cabinets. Not a great job. Really not a good one on a weekend, but it needed to be done and I had the energy to do it. They were the heavy duty drawers too. Two of them were the silverware and additional kitchen tool drawers. It took hours, but they look great now.

In the late afternoon, our dear friend Anita came over to visit. Bill cooked the two of them salmon and rice. I had watermelon. I don't do salmon!!!!! The visit was too short as always, but it was great to see her. Anita brought a cute little princess candy dispenser with Smarties in it. I love Smarties. Ping did not, but she isn't a huge chocolate girl. She prefers sugary candy. Anita brought this home from Mexico for Ping. So sweet of her.

Today was a long day. After swimming, I showered and picked up Ping. We went to the Light Dept., Sally Beauty Supply, the cleaners, two places that make glass and then to the supermarket. We came home, I fed Ping, I unloaded the dishwasher and then we went back out when Daddy got home. Not a lot of breathing room in between. We went with Daddy to Walmart and then to the vets. We had to take Sasha to the vet tonight. Poor thing is having a hard time getting to her rear. She is fine and that is all that counts. I hate dragging her out though. I feel awful. She is the only one that gets taken out of the house so frequently. She is my sweet and expensive girl. So now the day is over and I need to scoot to bed. Morning comes early here. Especially lately. For some reason, Ping is waking at 6:00 am and not her normal 7:30 am.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

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