Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a day!

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my loving parents. I miss you and love you. I hope you are sitting on the fluffiest of clouds and being amused by my parenting skills or lack there of.

Well today hasn't been the best day. Not horrendous, but not a great one either. This morning I started off with an appointment for Sophie. The mobile vet came to our house to do a well visit and to give her a shot. We decided to give her a 3 year Rabies shot because this is so stressful for her. The poor thing ripped every nail off trying to get away from the doctor and her assistant. She bruised her lip supposedly too. I have yet to see it because she hid for the rest of the day. Poor baby. I hate doing this to her, but we need to keep her healthy too!

At 10:40 am, we headed out to an appointment for Manny and Yamira. They had an 11:00 am and a 12:00 pm therapy appointment. I wasn't driving particularly fast, I was going 72, but I got pulled over. I was not happy. I don't think 72 is unreasonable. I got a $200.00 ticket. Grrrrr. We finally got to therapy and I had to sit there for two hours. Not fun when you have to sit with two of the three kids. We then headed home and my friend Marghrit came over with her twins for an hour or so to play. The rest of the day was okay. I spent hours paying bills, matching up slips to my Mastercard and doing a few other things. Manny came into my office while I was working, picked up my water globe and dropped it. That was disappointing, but what can I say. He is two. I told Manny to put it down and he turned around to do it and something happened. It caught the shelf or something. Smash!!!!!

The kids were in bed by 8. I had to put 300 photos in an album which took some time. I had a few other things to do as well. It was 11:00 pm when I finally sat down today. Yikes. No punching out at 5:00 pm for this Mom!!!!!

I am hoping tomorrow will be a good day.

The last few days have been wild. On Sunday, we went to my family reunion. We had a great time as did the children. They won some prizes at the Penny Table, found some coins in the Penny Pile and Ping won first place in the Wheel Barrow race with her Daddy.

Monday was a wild day. Yamira and Ping were up early and screaming and laughing and fighting. We spent the day at home with the exception of a quick run to Walmart. They all needed a day to relax as we have been so busy. Sadly, Yamira and Ping were at each others throats all day. They were yelling and shoving and I don't stand for that. At one point, Ping fell off her chair after Yamira yanked her hair. As Ping fell, the toy she had in her hand hit right below Yamira's eye, so Yamira has a black and blue. I am tempted to call her bruiser! Poor thing. I felt awful, but it wasn't intentional on Ping's part. The kids were in bed by 7:30 pm. A little early, but necessary!

Tomorrow we have plans to hit the playground with Mindy and Ciara and then tomorrow night we have to take Sasha to get her hair cut. I hate doing that. I hate having to upset the cats with any kind of appointment, but they are necessary unfortunately.

Well I am off to bed. The girls will be up early screaming. I can almost bet my life on it!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Penny table.

Picking out the lucky winners.

Three legged race.

Ping getting angry with Yamira who is not trying at all and making Ping lose.

Yamira falling apart.

Wheel Barrow.

Ready for games.

What, trying to get some money here.

Sawdust Mom!

Ping looking for college tuition.

Manny hanging with a family member.

Daddy and Ping tossing the egg back and forth.


Egg toss.

Watching the egg toss.

The girls and Manny all playing together. Ping, Yamira, Armig and Noushig.

Ping and a twin.


Armig and Noushig.

The scene of the crime.

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