Thursday, August 19, 2010

The midnight visit

I was just about to sit and write here when my sweet Ping showed up. She wakes up nearly every night around this time if we haven't gotten ourselves up to bed! I promised her I would be right up, so I should make this short. I am pretty sure she will fall asleep before I actually show my face.

We have had a really busy week as usual. Yesterday I took the kids to EMC park. I met Mindy and Ciara there. We spent a few hours there and then headed home. Bill came home and we headed back out the door to take Sasha for her beautiful hair cut. So she got a new lion cut. Looks so cute on her and she loves it.

Today, I took the kids to Dean park in Shrewsbury to meet Sa and Jasmine. Jasmine ice skates with Ping on Tuesdays nights. We were home by 1:00 pm because I had my CASA supervisor coming to see how I was doing with the kids. At 2:30 a contractor came out to take some photos of the house. So the day was busy. Bill came home and changed and then headed back out for soccer practice. He is going to be one of the coaches for Ping's team. This should be very interesting! While Bill was out, I gave the kids a bath, read them a book and tucked them into bed.

Next week I don't think I have much scheduled. I don't think I will book up the week. I think we could all use a little down time!

Mama Out!!!!

Ping and Ciara.

Ping and Jasmine.

Yamira swinging.


The climber.

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