Thursday, August 12, 2010


Bill and I were out at an appointment tonight. When we walked out, it was raining and raining kind of hard. I am still chilled from getting so wet and it's been hours!

Yesterday we had an 8:30 am appointment. Do you know how hard it is to get three small children out of the house by 8:00 am? It's not easy. So we get to Umass for 8:30 am only to find out that they canceled our appointment and I never got the call. To say I was bullshit is an understatement. They said they rescheduled for October. Really? That isn't the case at all. They canceled and rescheduled for this day. I remember the conversation and the reason for canceling and everything. I was so annoyed. However, I got back into the car and drove to Lowell for a free concert for kids.

They had a few crafts you could make, some free organic snacks and drinks and then a 45 minute concert. It was really cute. It was two folk singing sisters. Very hot though sitting outside in the sun!!!!! After the concert, I took the kids on a trolley ride and then we headed home. So the day was saved!!!!!

We spend the rest of the day at home. Last night Bill and I had an appointment to discuss life insurance. I can think about a good 10 things I would rather do, but it's important and it needed to be discussed. It's even harder to have that kind of an appointment with three children running around, but we managed!

Today we had an appointment to get Yamira into a new place for therapy to help with all the transitions she has had to endure. We were there for what seemed like forever. Then tonight, Bill and I had an appointment at Clark University, so the three kids were dropped off for respite care. They had a great time. When we left Clark, it was raining. The was unexpected as there was no prediction of rain for this area. We need it though.

So all of the kids went to bed very late. Bill passed out on the couch an hour or so ago and here stands the Big Cheese alone. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. Friday the 13th, but Friday none the less.

Mama Out!!!!!

Boarding House Park.



Here come the daycare/camp kids.


So cute.

Loving her craft.

Loving her craft.

The Nields.

The Nields and the girls. Not sure who the little boy is.

Ping on the trolley.

The three filled with excitement.



Silly girl.

Rail car.



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