Monday, August 9, 2010

Here we are at another Monday!

Last Friday Bill and Ping went out to do errands and Jeff, the social worker for Manny and Yamira's Dad came by to pick them up for a visit. Sadly, Daddy never showed. I felt bad that he didn't. Not sure what happened. The kids were home an hour earlier than they were supposed to. However, they came home with ice cream. Jeff stopped to get them some ice cream to help soften the blow. So for lunch, they had their ice cream. Yum!

Ping and Bill came home and then the kids all played in the playroom while I worked at my desk and Bill did a few things in the other room.

On Saturday, we had an adoption party to attend at Buffumville Lake in Oxford. We had a nice time. There was a Karate demonstration and then the kids got to try some moves. Yamira and Ping enjoyed that. Ping and Yamira also did some crafts and then after lunch, the three went swimming with Daddy. Once we left, it was hair cut time for me. Bill desperately wanted to mow the lawn and so he got that done. Exciting Saturday night for us old folks!!!!!

We were going to go to Southwicks Zoo on Sunday, but Manny and Yamira started yelling and screaming and partying around 6:30 am. So I shut my alarm off and canceled plans. I am not into rewarding poor behavior. Waking up early is one thing. Partying, screaming and jumping on me while yelling doesn't work for me. I was disappointed as I really wanted to go. However, I also was fighting with my sinuses, so it was just as well. We got a rain shower in the afternoon, so who knows if we would even have been able to stay? Bill did a little more mowing and I did a few things at my desk and then read my People magazine from cover to cover and fell asleep. Didn't mean too. I am just really tired right now.

It's already Monday. I hate how fast weekends pass. I really feel guilty for not working on a Lifebook for Ping. It haunts me. I need to get going on that. I know once I do that, I will have a huge weight lifted off of me. I should start that today. It is truly a daunting project. I am also thinking of starting a fresh blog for the three kids vs just Ping's. Well off to do some stuff. We are home for the day. We did a few errands, but I am done with them and so we are just going to stay here and hang. I had an opportunity to go swimming today, but it said it was going to rain so I didn't risk driving to Donna's. Now it's beautiful out of course!!!! UGH.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

My little Karate kickers.

Winding up to kick.

Karate demonstration.

Here I come Mama.

The swimmers.

Taking a break.

Watching her brother and sister swim.

Being silly.

Retirement cake for Barbara Ford.

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