Monday, August 23, 2010

We have slowed down a little

Don't ask me why I haven't blogged since last Thursday. I don't have an excuse. On Friday, I took Yamira to therapy in the morning. She and her brother were due to have a visit with Dad, but it got canceled, so we found ourselves unexpectedly at home. It worked out well because we went to the Tornadoes game in Worcester for 7:00 pm. The kids were really restless. I don't regret taking them, but won't do it again any time soon!

On Saturday, we were going to go to an Asian Festival in Lowell, but decided not to go. We had a lot of things to do around the house. More importantly, we wanted to shop for furniture for Ping and Manny. Yamira is going to take over Ping's room and Manny is going to stay in the room he currently shares with Yamira! Yamira has all new furniture and the room is already decorated. We just need to take Ping's personal things off of her shelves and move her into another bedroom. So we headed to Jordans, Bob's and Rotmans. We found things we liked at Jordans, but not the other two.

On Sunday, we went to Bernie and Phyl's and to a new place called Amazing. Interesting name for a furniture store. We still like Jordans the best. Both days were basically spent at home catching up on stuff and then running out to the furniture stores. Nothing too exciting, but very necessary!

Today we had no plans. I didn't bother to make any because it poured all day. Plus the kids and I need a break every so often. They get really overtired going from here to there on a daily basis. Tonight when Bill got home, I headed out for a spa pedicure. It was heaven. I came home and had to still lay down with Ping though. I was hoping they would all be in bed before I got home, but no such luck!

Well I need to wake Bill and head to bed myself. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Mama Out!!!!

The Tornadoes playing the Pittsfield Colonials.

Ping being silly.

Yamira having fun.

Shy? Not a chance.

Here they come. Twister, Finz and Spongebob.

Twister and Finz.

Fireworks, look Mama.

Boom! Wow.

Having fun.

The fireworks.

Ping and Yamira needed to have a cart.

Ping with the top of the umbrella stroller.

Manny enjoying his snack.


Silly girls.

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