Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The flakes are flying!!!!!!

Snow, not people folks. We are due for a few storms this week. I am so over this weather. I want spring! Well I am not here to chat about the weather. I am here to catch everyone up to date on what we have been up to lately. For those of you who know the truth, I am really here so that I don't forget what I do on a daily basis. This helps me keep dementia at bay.

Saturday we had an early lunch date at Chilis in Westford. We met with others who have adopted their children. I recently joined a group that was just starting. So our first meet up was to have lunch. There were 5 families. All of the children have been adopted domestically. Ping was the only child that was adopted internationally. It was a great group and I am very much looking forward to getting together with all of them. There are a few more families, but they were unable to attend. Hopefully we will meet them at another event.

Once lunch was over, we came home to do a few things around here. I had some reading to do and Bill had to go grocery shopping. So we had a busy afternoon, but it was great. I love when we can get some things crossed off the to do list!!!!

We got up early on Sunday and Ping went off to Sunday School. The three of us then jumped in the car and went to Dedham to pick up Ayi Anita. We then headed into Chinatown in Boston to celebrate Chinese New Year. We walked around, went in a few stores and watched a couple of different Lion Dances. We had a great time. It was windy, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending time with Anita. We then had dinner at Joe's American Bar and Grill, dropped Anita off and headed home. It was late and we needed to get Ping into bed.

Yesterday was Ping's first day back at school. She had a good day. She learned about teeth. We spent the rest of the day home. She has another cold. A new one. The old one ended the middle of last week. It just doesn't stop. It's a new one, not a continuing one. I can tell the difference. They all start the same. Sneezing and then runny nose and then cough. We just can't seem to kick getting colds all the time. So sick of it. Can't wait till summer is here and she is out of the classroom. The fresh air will do all of us some good.

Well off to do a few things before I go and pick up Miss Ping. Hope you had a great weekend and stay safe with the incoming snow.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Lion Dance.

Best seat in the house.

Two dancing and looking inside the bus.

Dancing in front of a store.

Checking things out.

Making friends with each other.

I really wish she liked her Daddy more.

Smile for Mama baby.

Nice hat and hairdo.

Ping and Ayi Anita.

Ping and Ayi Anita.

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